fun with names 2…

since this adoption process is taking waaayyyy longer than we ever anticipated, we thought it’d be fun to post a 2nd version – a follow-up to our first fun with names post.

listed below are the most recent names being contended for:

buttercup:  this name was suggested by my friend ann.  and of course, my first thought was: how in the world did buttercup not make it on my first list?  so, another reason for fun with names 2… time to give props to all the very cool names i missed the first time around!

persimmon:  don’t you just love the “p” sound?  me too!  and since persimmons are quite magical… as they happen to be the first fruit i really liked, it seemed only fitting to give them honor by naming one of our children after them.

tink:  i thought this was a cute girl name.  it’s a play on tinker bell but still very fun.  can’t you just picture a little asian toddler named tink?  too, too cute!  now can you picture a 40-something named tink?  hmmm…

chrysalis:  what this actually means can best be explained by… ” pupa, especially of a moth or butterfly, enclosed in a firm case or cocoon.”  ok, so try as i might i can’t enclose her forever in a case of protection, but this word seemed so fitting as her name in the local language will be “red butterfly”… and the most important part of becoming a beautiful butterfly is the development stage.  it certainly has possibilities.

goldy: watching the dates of the babies currently being referred i noticed that if things keep on pace our baby could have been born during the olympic games.  if that is the case, goldy would certainly be an appropriate name!

schmetterling: i love this german version of “it’s a butterfly.”  thought this name was absolutely awesome!  and since it is so awesome i wanted to give the website i found it on some love. 🙂

and now for a few boy’s names…

wagner: it’s a boy name of dutch descent meaning “dragon.”  how cool is that!?!  it’s especially fitting since we want our son’s local name to be dragon, just like his daddy’s.  😉

colt: you’ve probably already pictured it – a young horse.  ok, so i see an animal theme happening with the boy’s names so i’ll just go ahead and move on to the next.

finn: jarod loves huck finn for his wild imagination so i thought this would be a fun name.  i’m sure with a son named finn we’d be in for lots of good humor around our house!

quill: i love to write!  so this feather formed into a pen for writing seemed to fit my personality perfectly!

 unfortunately that’s all we’ve got for now…

hope you enjoyed your little adventure into the mind of jd2!


3 thoughts on “fun with names 2…

  1. I love Schmetterling. Since it starts with “S” I’m so tempted to use it. And it starts this “Sch” thing. But I’m not sure it fits.

  2. finn rocks!!!

    If you are still taking suggestions…I love the name “Luna” for a girl of course…as you prob know it means “moon” in spanish…I love it…but love you guys more : )

  3. So, given the history, I’m thinking “Patience” would be a great name for red butterfly. And, Finn is so cool! Our neighbors love To Kill A Mockingbird so names are Boo and Dill

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