the tale of 2 cups…两个杯子的比喻

this is the tale of 2 cups.
1 cup has a butterfly on it.
1 cup is red.
both cups were made in china.
butterfly cup came from an american friend.
red cup was bought on the sidewalk.
both cups were well used.
butterfly cup fell out the 5th floor window.
red cup decided to stay safely inside.
butterfly cup was retrieved – totally in tact.
red cup had a 1/2 box of pancake mix drop on it.
butterfly cup was not near red cup.
red cup got all cracked up.
butterfly cup is still in our possession.
red cup is in the trash.
butterfly cup is now a great source of inspiration.

the moral of the story is sometimes it’s not safe to sit idly at home… sometimes you really do have to fall out a 5th floor window to see what you’re made of.




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