bye bye puppies…

 waiwai (aka. outside) pictured with his mama & the local pups association.  he’ll be in good company!100_5373

chuchu (aka. out) pictured with her mama.100_5436

wangwang (aka. hope) with her daddy.

sittin’ pretty… just had to throw this one in there. too c.u.t.e. xixi (aka. joy) on the far left is still with us… for now.

i told jarod straight up: i can’t do dogs anymore… at least for a loooong while.

as we were preparing to move overseas we had to put one of our beloved dogs to “sleep.”  we adopted him from a local vet’s office and he was a wonderful companion for the 7 years we had him.  he was our first baby.

in fact, we love bentley so much that we bought him a pet – mei li (sounds like: may lee) to keep him company.  we were concerned about his loneliness, which often prompted him to escape from the back yard.

fortunately for us, mei li was adopted by jarod’s college station grandma.  in time, she found herself back at jarod’s parents house… but she never made it to the east side – which had been the original plan.

so, in a state of culture shock and pure stupidity we bought our first east side pup – little panda.  we got her a month after our arrival and truth be told, she threw us headlong into culture shock.  mostly because it took her 6 months to potty train.  oh how i loathed that fateful day when i begged and pleaded with everything in me for jarod to let me buy a dog.  i regretted it for an entire year afterwards.

a year and a half later i again convinced jarod of our need for another dog – this time i spent my time deciding what kind of dog and slept on it for 3 days after deciding.  soon enough we had 2 dogs  – little panda & kangaroo.

soon thereafter they both got “fixed.”  apparently “fixed” here is a loose term because little panda’s didn’t stick.  she has since had 3 litters of puppies.

this last litter yielded 4 pups, affectionally called “pleasantly suprised” which is actually pronounced with 4 words – so each pup was named after 1 of the words.

we have since found homes for all of the pups… but xixi (aka joy).  so now, we’re in a quandry as to how to get rid of him.  since joy was jarod’s favorite we started off being very particular about who his future owner would be, but now we’re getting desperate.  we’ve posted fliers, asked various friends, and even called people we had once overlooked.  we’re getting desperate for him to find his forever home.

and yes, i know he’s cute… but my heart is more concerned about my east side babies – little panda & kangaroo.

truth is, in my head i equate getting rid of dogs with dramatic change.  you see, we’ve already found homes for them.  but it’s sad to once again give up an intregal part of our lives.  little panda truly has been with us through it all… and kangaroo has been the greatest source of entertainment we’ve had on the east side!

so no matter how you slice it, my heart still hurts… change is hard.  and saying goodbye bites.


2 thoughts on “bye bye puppies…

  1. ok those puppies are little packages of ewok cuteness…I so wish I could have one!!!

    I know how much you love kanga and panda!!! They are the most awesome dogs ever!!!

    It truly does bite…big time : (


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