soapy savings 省钱

being on the east side has caused the-jd2-cheap-skates to be even more frugal than ever, and this frees us up to spend our money on more worthy causes that have a more eternal significance.  one way that i (jarod) have managed to do this is in the area of toiletries.  with the recent travel that i have had to do, i have been priveledged to enjoy helping myself to all of the free toiletries that comes provided with hotel rooms. 

in the past 6 months, i have only bought 1 bar of soap (and i am still showering regularly), 1 bottle of shampoo and no conditioner.  in addition to this, we have been able to donate many tooth and hair brushes to the poor thanks to the generosity of hotels.  how do we do this?

upon check-in to a hotel, the first thing i do is take all of the free stuff in the room (including tea bags, coffee mixes, sugar packets, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, etc.) and put it in my bag.  each day the hotel staff is supposed to replace all of those items, and then i subsequently put all of those items in my bag.  i do this every day that i stay in any hotel.  the result?  free toiletries for yourself and the poor! 

squished soap

“but little hotel bars of soap are too small!” you say?  not when you squish 3 or 4 together!  when i get home, i take all of the soaps out of their respective packages, get them wet, and then squish them together.  i have been doing this for a long time, and have enjoyed soapy showers with the blissful thought of knowing that i didn’t pay a cent for those cleansing products (actually i did when i paid for the hotel room) and i didn’t steal them.  in addition to all of this, i enjoy the added benefit of getting to feel more manly as i get to squish several poor little pieces of soap together with my incredible “squishing” power!  btw – you can also squish the tiny pieces of left over big bars of soap to get the same effect, and thus increase the use of your soap to its maximum potential!


4 thoughts on “soapy savings 省钱

  1. This is such an interesting perspective. I always assumed that leaving those items is more environmental because then they wouldn’t have to be replaced.

  2. Have you ever seen a Friends episode where they stay in a hotel? Ross is nuts about taking EVERYTHING he can from the hotel. Though I don’t think he donates it to the poor . . .

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