northeast asian night market 东北亚地区的夜市场

night market


one of jennifer’s favorite things to do in summer time here in northeast asia is to visit the night markets.  what is during the day time, a normal street will turn into a flurry of activity during the evening in preparation for the night market.  in just a few mintutes time a street near our home turns into a bustling center of activity where vendors creatively set up elaborate booths to display their goods and people come by the droves to participate.  each evening, it is anyone’s guess as to what a person will find available for purchase – anything from electronics to clothes to odd ceramics, and the best part is that it’s all CHEAP!  some of the best food, oddest games, loud music, and cheap ice cream can be found during these special events.  even though i (jarod) hate shopping more than just about anything else on earth, i do enjoy watching jennifer enjoy herself at the night market.  then, as suddenly as it all began, in the evening it a breaks down in record time and goes back to the way it was…only to wait until the following day to do it all over again! 

we inserted a small video clip so that you can catch a glimpse of what goes on.  just click on this link!


One thought on “northeast asian night market 东北亚地区的夜市场

  1. this is one thing…I know you are going to miss…kind of hard to find one of those amazing markets here in h-town…especially @ night!!! very cool!!

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