an odd moment 别扭的时刻

two days ago, we went to the street market to get some yummy market food.  while there, jennifer saw a flower vase that she had been eyeing for quite some time.  we finally decided to buy it, and while i was at it, i bought some flowers to go in it.  when jennifer saw that i had bought her some flowers, she gave me a kiss. then the odd moment occurred…

i felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to a 50-something woman  with bleached blonde hair puckered up to give me a kiss!  at first i thought i was seeing things, but then realized that i wasn’t when i heard my friend, johnathan, fall over laughing at this very awkward scene.  the lady just stood there, eyes closed and lips out, for a long time.  at the same time, i couldn’t get over the fact that she looked a lot like a monkey at that moment, and i had no idea what to do.  i’m really glad i had friends with me to witness it, because there was no way i could have described it to anybody.

the final decision was made that we should just say “bye bye” and walk away.  we laughed about it the entire walk home.


4 thoughts on “an odd moment 别扭的时刻

  1. Oh life on the East side. I miss it! I miss the randomness! I’m really glad Johnathan was there to witness it though. What a great story!

  2. I would have loved to see the look on Jarod’s face! You never know what’s gonna happen next here. Too funny!

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