1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers

due to getting hit 2 different times while bike riding, i switched to buying a treadmill. the treadmill was bought in asia, and as such, is in kilometers. distance in km means nothing to me, thus i wanted to know what it was in miles. in my arrogance, i told myself that i didn’t need to look up the conversion – i already knew it – 1.8 km = 1 mile. that was two years ago…

i have never been a long distance runner. i was always a sprinter, and the longest i had run at one time was the 400 meter dash, and i ran it quite well. however, when i started on the treadmill, i discovered that distance running was a completely different animal than short sprints. i clocked myself at 14m 30sec. miles for only 3 miles at a time. i found this to be depressing when i watched other runners on tv run with times much faster than me. over time, i got faster and faster and in better shape, and now i clock myself at 10:45 miles for 5 miles at a time. that, however, changed today. do you want to know my secret?

today, while i was running, i thought to myself, “when i ran the mile-relay, we ran only 4 laps which only equalled 1,600 meters, not 1,800. were we really running a mile or was it just the title of the race?” thus, when i finished running, got on the computer to actually check the real number, and found out what i had learned in elementary school – there’s only 1.6 km in a mile!!!! thus, my running times are actually 12.5% faster and farther than what i thought i was running this entire time. two years!!!

so, for you math people… today i ran 9 km (which i thought was 5 miles). i thought that i ran it in 11min. 14 sec per mile @ 1.8 km per mile for 5 miles. Adjusting for actual conversions, i really ran 5.6 miles and i was really running at an average pace of 10 min. and 2 sec. per mile for the 5 mile portion. wow – i feel like i went so much faster! let this be a lesson to all you old farts who depend on your undependable memory over your elementary school science books!

now, if only my bank account conversions were only 12.5% more in my favor! 🙂


2 thoughts on “1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers

  1. don’t you love it when that happens!! that reminds me…I need to go put on my trainers.

    no worries…I totally bite @ math…thank goodness for mile markers!!!

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