upgrade 上升

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(notice: short people may not be able to understand the content of this post)

i’ve only been upgraded on a flight once, and that’s because the airline made me sleep in the airport for 2 nights in a row.  this time was different…

normally, we buy the cheapest of the cheapest of deals on airline tickets, and although we have been on hundreds of flights, we never get upgraded…until now.  our flight back to the states was purchased thru united airlines and the flight times were perfect.  we got to travel back with some friends, and that always makes traveling fun.  we bought regular economy airline tickets, but we purchased them at full price – no discounts.  when we checked in, we found out that we were automatically upgraded to economy plus, and this made the 12 hour trans-pacific flight enjoyable…for the first time ever!  what is economy plus you ask?  it’s economy seating with an extra 5″ of seating space!!!!!  for a 6′-4″ (1.93 meter) tall guy like me, that’s music to your ears.  my knees were happiest of all since it was the first time (since i had to sleep in the airport) that they weren’t crushed for the entire flight!!!!!  i didn’t even have to use my secret knee defenders to have a relatively painless flight.  it was great! 

the baggage check-in people at the beijing airport were horrible and rude, but i have to thank them for giving me economy plus seating!  thank you rude and impolite baggage check-in people!  🙂

economy plus

a picture of the extra 5 inches of knee space (notice how human legs can actually fit)

apart from the rude baggage people and the even more rude and obnoxious TSA employees at the San Francisco International Airport (another story for another post) – our flight back to the states was a wonderful one.


3 thoughts on “upgrade 上升

  1. I’m so glad to hear this!!! Can’t wait to hear more. J and A mentioned something about your trip through customs…can’t wait to hear the whole story. Love you guys!

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