i never thought this was possible.  but since moving into our new digs we are internet free.  or better said, disconnected from the world.

and though we all dream of this sort of thing happening, it’s actually quite horrible.

i miss the convenience of sending a short note to a friend, reading blogs and i especially miss the beauty of accessing the world at my fingertips.

so you wonder how you are receiving this pathetic post?  the answer: the mercy of family and wifi.

oh, what a wonderful word – family.

so now that we’re actually with them, i’ll unplug from this machine and enjoy them!

hopefully next week we’ll be able to connect with the rest of you… trust me, there is much to share!


6 thoughts on “unplugged…

  1. The world is missing you too! Can’t wait to hear your perspective on life in America! Until then, think of us when you munch down on some chips and salsa! hugs.

  2. We DO miss you and have thought of you so much. Can’t wait to get some updates but we will be patient…: Enjoy your time with family!

  3. We were unplugged for quite a while when we arrived back on the West side as well!! It was ok for a while but then I really missed being plugged in !! 🙂 love you all!!

  4. Hey! I hope you guys are doing well, and can’t wait to hear how things are going! Looking forward to visiting this fall hopefully!

  5. such a strange thing to be able to see all these people in 3D again, huh? i’m glad you all get to enjoy family face-to-face these days. thinking of ya’ll! – k10

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