new digs = new friends 我们新的家包括一些可爱的朋友们。


after we got our car, we had a couple of days to get ready for yet another move – to our new house that dpfbc hooked us up with.  we get to be here for the next year, and it’s awesome.  its perfectly located in the middle of the city.  the house is actually located at the end of a dead-end street,  so its quiet. its actually strange how quiet it is.  we’re so used to a lot of noise all the time – honking horns, donkey noises (what’s the name of the noises that they make?), little speakers with people yelling out the prices of thier goods, etc.   we’re also loving the greenery, and what’s better is the fact that  all those trees house a lot of  little friends.  we don’t get to see any little friends when we’re on the east side.  in fact, it was years before we even saw birds in our asian home town!  that’s what makes our west side little friends all the more special.  now, we get to do our quiet times in the morning to the sound of birds and squirrels chirping and scurrying around.  so cool.

soon, we’ll show you the inside of the house.

there’s a video of this little guy (kind of).  just click the picture above or this vimeo link.


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