ultimate ultrasound!

today we got the best surprise of our lives!  we got a special stork call… and funny thing is, we didn’t even see it coming!

so i won’t delay… ’cause what you really want is to see HIS beautiful picture!


as you can see, he’s absolutely perfect!

we are so thankful to our God who hears and ANSWERS our prayers… and for this picture, the ultimate ultrasound!

proud parents jarod and jennifer (aka. daddy and mommy)


24 thoughts on “ultimate ultrasound!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so excited I almost cried when I read this. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  2. YEA!!!! I am so happy for you guys! I got the e-mail and was so excited! He works in mysterious ways! Congrats again! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  3. yayyy!!! I am so so happy for you all! Silver Dragon is very appropriate 🙂 he is adorable and i know you will be wonderful parents! He is faithful 🙂

  4. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! praise GOD!!! I’m teary with joy for you both! Congratulations, Mom & Dad! This news makes my month!! Can you sleep?! 😀

  5. Sooooo exciting!! I jumped for joy getting the email!! You guys are such amazing people and I am so honored to see everything that the lord has done for you!

  6. What wonderful news! Father’s Timing is Perfect!! You have a huge extended family here to help you if needed. Little Silver Dragon, how precious you are!!! Congrats, Daddy and Mommy!! I am so very excited for you. What a very special way to fill your new home here on the west side. What a blessing!!

  7. Oh my word. I am SCREAMING! He is so perfect and so beautiful!

    Hubs wants to skype you right now (4am your time!)

    Did you put on your paperwork that you’d like a girl or boy?

    What in the world are you gonna do with all that PINK? What a wonderful problem to have!

    perfect time as always!! you are here and we get to love on him and watch you two just soak in the wonderful blessings of being parents!!
    i am just overcome and thrilled with the news i am just giddy in fact and just want to cry with happiness but i have to work and answer the

  9. This is so exciting! I was up late working on homework when I saw this, and got K10 to come over and look too! 🙂 Congratulations!!! Dad is so faithful, and His timing is best.

  10. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! WE ARE THRILLED!!!!!!!!!! I want to skype right now, too, except we are in HK and I might wake the entire flat SCREAMING. A BOY!!!!! He is absolutely beautifully handsome. I am so smiling about all that girly stuff. You gots some shoppin’ to do, mama!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! Praise Him, Praise Him. Ok, I’ll stop sounding like a lunatic now. Love to you 3!!!! Talk with you soon!

  11. J&J
    I am thrilled for you. I am so glad that you made it back to our side of the world! I know you can’t wait to hold that baby.

    Looking forward to seeing you when we visit DP.

  12. AH!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve checked this website like three times today because I just love looking at his picture! I’m so excited for you guys! So may yarps answered. I want to meet him before he leaves the states! And talk about PERFECT timing! OH SO EXCITED!

  13. Yeah!!! Congratulations!!! What a huge blessing!! We are so excited for you!! Can’t wait to hold and kiss this precious gift!! Again…he is perfect and beautiful in every way!! Guess you’ll be making a trip back in pretty soon!!

  14. JD3…I am so glad you finally got a match…something we’ve all been praying for a long time. He is perfect. Call me so I can send something blue…(318) 372-2127…Nanamaw

  15. I don’t know if you guys remember me but I was in Fusion with you summer of 2007 with the group from NC. I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy for you guys and have been praying for you and finally you are going to have your precious child!

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