what’s next…


we wanted to THANK Y’ALL for all of your emails, comments and phone calls – it has all been so sweet and we feel VERY VERY loved.


now that the ultra-high of the excitement of our first baby is starting to settle down, we have to look to what needs to be done next.  there’s alot of work to do so that we can go get the little guy. 

step 1. drag out and unpack the baby stuff that we had stored away for all these years (we had to store all of it away so that we wouldn’t see it and be constantly reminded of what we didn’t have – anyone who has experienced infertility for year-after-long-year will understand this).

step 2. figure out which stuff works for a boy since most of the stuff was bought in the anticipation of getting a girl.

step 3. stare at his picture

step 4. get the paper work from the fedex guy and set it down after being overwhelmed after opening it and seeing all of the work that has to be done.  (its alot like looking at all of your syllabii at the beginning of the semester)

the paper work

step 5. work out travel dates with the agency and gov’t officials on both sides of the pacific. (we are currently on this step).

currently it looks like the earliest that we could travel is the week of October 18.  if that were the case, we could leave the week of October 11, and get him the following week.  we would spend a week in nanchang, and then go to guangzhou to finish the USA side of the paperwork and then get back by nov. 1 hopefully.

however, the dates to pick him up could be pushed back 1 or 2 weeks beyond that.  we hope not.

step 6. dance

step 7. work on all of that paperwork to make sure that all of our “i”s are dotted and all of our “t”s crossed.

step 8. stare at his picture

step 9.  book plane tickets and go get the little silver dragon and hug his little neck!




3 thoughts on “what’s next…

  1. OK! If you have time even just 5 free minutes, we’re coming to NC! We’ve already looked into train tickets. It’s so doable. I can’t wait for my little guy to meet your little guy!

    Good golly that’s a lot of paperwork.

  2. Our hearts are overcome with joy for the two of you tonight. We just found out your great news and years filled our eyes as we looked at the picture of your son. He is perfect, adorable, so sweet and cute! Congratulations! We are so happy for you and praise Father for his faithfulness. We love you guys and are so excited for you. You will love being the parents of a boy- we are pretty partial these days to boys. They are incredible! I know your Little Man has already melted your heart. Congratulations again. Love you guys.

  3. Congratulations! We are so excited for you guys! Your little guy is absolutely adorable… Apple kept saying, “He’s so cute!” when looking at his picture. We were so glad we were able to see you guys on the west side, and can’t wait to meet your little guy in person. We look forward to seeing reunion pictures very soon!

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