labor day weekend, part 1…

on labor day weekend we headed out of town for our (jennifer’s) nephew’s wedding.  so, after going to photography class from 8-5 jarod picked me up and we headed out of town… along with the rest of houston!  even so, we made sure to have fun along the way!

some of the requirements for having fun along the way means taking a few moments to stretch your legs and enjoying the scenery.  here we took a moment to check out these old west style buildings… we particularly enjoyed this version of the modern day shopping strip.100_6613

when we finally arrived at del rio we were greeted by bailey (our great niece, jeffery’s daughter).  sorry you can’t see her precious face in this picture, but i love this action shot of her playing badminton.  we are so grateful for my mom who has made our relationship with bailey a priority through the beauty of skype.  as soon as she saw us, she acted as if she had been around us her entire life, though the last times we saw her in person she was only 1!100_6616

here’s bailey proudly posing with her uncle jarod.  as you can see, they became fast friends.  unfortunately this badminton lesson ended in tears as bailey fell on her already scrapped up knees (can you say “tom boy”?) and re-opened her wounds.  though aunt jennifer wasn’t able to console her, her prescription of “eat all the candy and drink all the cokes you want” did the trick.  truth is, she’s a lot tougher than me!


this picture was taken just as we were all arriving at the spanish mission where jeffery and jenna were married.  i couldn’t resist this pre-wedding picture.  of course, jeffery being the big outdoors person that he is, he chose this version of camo… and no, he was not hiding from his bride.  in fact, i doubt she would have recognized him had he worn anything else!


i love this profile picture.  i can’t get over how much she looks just like her daddy.  and yet, at the same time she reminded me so much of one of my other nieces, brittney, who was my flower girl 10 years ago…


here i’m making jeffery & jarod pose.  i think i probably just said my famous get-a-giggle-line: “pretend that you love each other.”  and as much as jeffery likes to think he’s all grown up, this picture proves that he still looks up to his uncle jarod – ha!100_6627

here’s my parents chilling out a few minutes before the ceremony.  i was particularly pleased that my dad glanced my way so i could capture something other than his profile – which happens to be his signature look. 


here i am with my memaw (my dad’s mother).  i’m very thankful for her many prayers over the years.100_6633

i love this picture as you can clearly see the lady who performed the marriage ceremony (which was incredible), bailey, jeffery and jenna as they were preparing to light the unity candle.100_6639

and here’s the larsen family:  jeffery, jenna & bailey.100_6645

i love, love, love this sweet photo of jeffery holding bailey.100_6647

if you so choose, you can click here and watch jennifer and bailey having fun as they danced the evening away…100_6649

that night bailey stayed with us.  my parents really blessed us and rented a room for us at the ramada… talk about fancy!100_6652

in the morning we headed to IHOP for breakfast.  it was very cold in there so i let bailey wear my hoodie… and this is bailey being bailey – she’s a very silly girl and she made me laugh a lot!100_6657

bailey showing off her toothless grin while snuggling up with her aunt jennifer.100_6662

and this picture was taken as we were leaving IHOP… and just as we were about to leave del rio.100_6666

on our way back to houston we stopped at an old cemetary and i took a few amateur photos.  this particular section was designated to children and babies.100_6677


as soon as we reached san antonio we stopped at a taco cabana (one of my very few favorite fast food restaurants).  as you can see i was very happy to get some fajitas & guac near my taste buds!100_6681


and that sums up our first half of labor day weekend… more to come!


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