“gotcha day” is…

sunday, october 18, 2009
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Q:  what is “gotcha day?”
A: “gotcha day” is “got ya day…” the day that we officially meet sterling and will hold him for the first time!

Q: then what happens?
A: the simple answer is, we begin the hard work of helping sterling bond to us, his “forever family” and we complete a lot of legal paperwork.

Q: didn’t you already do all of that?
A: yes, we’ve already done a lot of paperwork, but there is still more waiting for us.

Q: wow! that’s a lot… how can we pray for you?
A: thanks for asking! please pray that we would all adjust quickly as a family of 3. pray for sterling to feel safe and bond to both of us.


4 thoughts on ““gotcha day” is…

  1. I totally feel you on the paperwork! We’ve got about a 1/3 done for becoming foster parents and that’s only through the state. I can’t imagine how much more an international adoption would have!

    We’re praying for all three of you!

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