it finally happened…we started out as 2, and ended up as 3!  little sterling is finally here!!!  we are going to have to admit that he is perfect (of course) and our experience thus far into our 6 hour journey of parenthood has been good!   we have sooooooo much to learn, but sterling has truly been wonderful!

 there’s some must-see-or-die video available… simply click the picture below:

there have been a few people that have been referred to this post by anti-adoption groups, feminist groups or orphan-hate groups. if you are one of these people or are somehow unable to understand why we would want to bring a child into our family forever, or if you need to be cruel to other people in order to resolve your semantics problems,  then we encourage you to click on this link to a related post instead of leaving a hateful or rude comment.  thank you.


14 thoughts on “GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!

  1. Amazing!!! Today we were wondering what exact time you were going to get Sterling…
    Now you have him in your arms!
    Thank you for posting so soon!!

  2. Oh, I’ve been waiting for these pictures this whole weekend! Beautiful! I’m celebrating with you on the other side of the world.

  3. AWESOME!!!! I am soooo excited for you all – tears are in my eyes as I think of all you have seen and experienced and then to have the joy of today to top it all off! We do serve the Mighty One and He does have a PLAN! Isn’t He awesome! WE are so excited for you and will be asking for smooth transitions in the days to come!

  4. thanks so much for sharing all the pictures! i started crying when i saw the one of yall hugging! Father is faithful. can’t wait to meet him in person!!

  5. and then there were three!!!

    Sterling not only are you the cutest baby…but you have the coolest parents in the world!!!

    love you all and happiness all around.

    Love x 3 ❤

  6. Happy shouts of rejoicing are heard ’round the world as people hear your news and see your pictures, including from us! So thrilled for you three! Sterling is precious! (And on a side note, it was really fun to see even just a few pictures from “my” city–I totally know which places you visited.)

  7. I am beyond words!! He is sooo adorable and I love the pictures of you all together!!! The video was awesome – so amazing to hear him laugh!!! We are praying that he will get over the cold quickly. He is so precious!!! We love you – all three!!!

  8. Congratulations! You three look so precious together, and what a great laugh he has 🙂 We love you guys.

  9. “There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. The choice is different and unique for each mother and each family.” M. Russell Ballard

    Just food for thought and a gracious way of replying to those who question your method of parenting and adoption.

    Lots of people see things in very different and passionate ways.

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