a week ago today…

we became a family of 3!

a week ago our lives changed dramatically… for the better.

in my heart i believe that particular moment in time collided with a God-sized plan… which allowed the 3 of us to gain the benefits and rights of a family.

a week ago today i felt for the first time the intensity of maternal love.  it was then too that i felt just how strong love really is.  nothing can unbind this tie that God has allowed to occur in my heart.  there’s not mistaking it, this tie that binds… this love… our bond as a family is a forever commitment.

a week ago today i became the humble recipient of one of God’s greatest gifts… the gift of life… specifically, the gift of sterling.

here are a few shots from one week later…


6 thoughts on “a week ago today…

  1. How beautifully put! I remember those exact same feelings when we adopted our son. I thought it would take some time to develop that mother’s love for him, kind of like when I met my husband. I thought that over a period of time I would grow to love him. Was I ever wrong, the minute we saw his picture, we were both hit like a lightning bolt straight to the heart. I never knew love could be like this. This must be from God, don’t you think? Keep writing!

  2. It is such a blessing to see the two of you with this special gift from God that you have waited so long for.
    I am so sorry that Satan has tried to steal your joy by the negative comments that have been made.
    I will say that I am still wearing the “love” charm that I purchased on my first “trip” to Taiwan. Not because I think it has any special power, but because it has been a constant reminder of the two of you and all that Dad has been doing in your life. And of course, the process that you have gone through to get to this time with Sterling. It has offered a few opportunities to share your story, many prayers, and the good news.
    Looking forward to meeting Sterling and celebrating on the West side. : )

  3. he’s beautiful. every picture is incredible. i’m so happy for y’all!!! give him an extra kiss for me.

  4. How did you and your wife come to live in China and did you start learning Chinese before you moved there? Do you work for a Chinese company? I’m just really curious because all the Westerners I know who live in China are either in Beijing or Shanghai working for big multinational companies. It must be a very interesting experience living in a large city with virtually no other Westerners around. I’m glad Sterling will be able to grow up speaking Chinese along with English.

    My response is:

    What you say is true. Most westerners do seem to live in the giant international cities. We found a university on the internet, and it was in a very inexpensive smaller, non-western city. Others have done the same. It was very difficult at first, but eventually we grew to love it and became a part of it. Total submersion.

  5. Thank you for the pic of all three and I love the smiling pic and the snuggly pic!! We love you and we’re lifting you up tonight – your tomorrow!! only 6 more days!!! We love you!!! Nai Nai

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