cudos to crown

thanks to our agency, who tries to save as much money for us as possible – unlike most other agencies that seem to try to spend as much as possible,  we estimate that we are saving at least $10,000.  this has a lot to do with our awesome guide and paperwork handler – maria, the use of local mass transit (trains, buses, walking – lots and lots of walking), eating local food at hole-in-the-wall places, and staying in local hotels (read:  hotels locals stay in).  there’s a bunch of other foreigners in this city adopting, and they all have to stay at the over-priced foreign-owned luxury hotels.(we do acknowledge that we have been blessed to be able to adopt like this – most foreigners do not have access to such an adoption experience.)

our expenses are mostly gov’t paperwork and processing fees (no bribes – even though it sometimes takes longer), travel expenses, and the agency’s actual expenses incurred.  no tours, no extras, no frills, no mercedes. 

also, nancy and terry with crown international have huge hearts for orphans around the world.  they actually do far more than just adoptions.  they also do extended work with orphans and their caretakers. 

it is unfortunate that orphans seem to be increasingly becoming a commodity for some people to make lots of money off of  (no thanks to certain celebrities).  however, we can say that with crown international, our money is only being spent where it has to be spent to process the legal paperwork necessary for sterling (silver dragon) to officially be ours.

thank you crown and thank you maria!!!!!!

now, for some new pictures of our little sprout…


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  1. love the ballon pic and the fantastic happy pics with Sterling’s great smile!! and Jennifer’s!! women ai nimen!! can’t wait!! Nai Nai

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