it’s done!

it all happened so much quicker than we imagined.  as of today, the legal paperwork of the adoption is finished!

we went to the us consulate today to turn in the paperwork, and after a few formalities, the gov’t worker said that they could make our 3-day process turn into 1.  there were only 4 families applying for a finalized adoption and immigration, and so we were able to be moved along quicker!

so, i (jarod) took the subway back to shamian island to gett jennifer and sterling, then went back to the consulate where sterling slept through the swearing in.  and then just like that we were handed our final packets and his immigration visa into the usa!

in the meantime, some of our good friends came in town to hang out… and sterling loved visiting with their baby.  and we of course, loved meeting their baby & seeing some of our east side friends!  it was all good fun.  lots and lots of fun…

sterling is bonding more and more to us, and we are falling deeper and deeper in love with him.  it’s hard to believe that we will be going back to the west side soon…  his new extended family is going to love him, and he’s going to love them!




6 thoughts on “it’s done!

  1. Awesome news!! We’re so glad the paperwork went so smoothly!! He’s all yours – your son!! and our grandson!! What a gift !! We love you!!!

  2. I know times going to fly for sure now for ya’ll but it’s not going to be soon enough for us.

    I Love Ya’ll – odc

  3. Wow. I’m so glad everything went so smoothly for your paperwork & you have nothing to do now but hang out with friends. Awesome!

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