a fun day off…

with all of our paperwork unexpectedly behind us, we have a few unplanned days off until our travel to our next destination (which will be shanghai, and then to the usa).  the small island that we’re on in the middle of the pearl river has a few conveniences that are not common to the other parts of asia that we’ve visited thus far.  one of these conveniences is a starbucks located in a historic building, and it’s probably the coolest and most coffee-shop-like atmosphere that i’ve ever seen at a starbucks.

however, having little ones in tow makes everything chaotic, and for a much less coffee shop-like-atmosphere.  here’s some pics to demonstrate.  i’m sure the other patrons there were appreciative.  🙂

we of course did not give him any coffee, but he really appreciated the lid to a dessert!

like father, like son…

shamian island in guangzhou has many statues similar to the one shown.  we have seen many of these in other people’s adoption blogs.  we wanted to show a contrast between the “then” and “now”.

who needs toys, when there are plenty of packages to play (and get tangled up) with 🙂

their first starbucks…just kidding, but it looked funny.

the starbucks playgound.



2 thoughts on “a fun day off…

  1. awww…Sterling…going to Starbucks with your Mom and Dad is always a good time!!! have them break out the board games next time ❤

    I can't wait to meet you precious little man…give your Mom and Dad a hug for me ❤

    love you much ❤

  2. The first picture of Sterling smiling is sooo adorable!! Love that smile!! I love you all three!!

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