playing with knives…

when mommy’s away, the boys will play…


(click picture to see video)


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  1. Greetings from Thailand! Enjoyed just now viewing your blog and seeing the video of Sterling playing with the knives! From Oct 21st until Nov 5th I was gone to the USA to attend my brother’s funeral in FL. My other brother died in March, but unable to travel home then. Was good being with both of my brothers’ families. 10 accepted the greatest gift ever given at the memorial service. While flying back to Asia, my brother-in-law died in Indiana. He was my deceased husband’s only full brother. Hope to visit his widow next year after my EOT. While on the return flight had opportunity to share the good news with three ladies: Vietamese, Korean and Thai. The Vietamese & Korean are very close to the kingdom. Planning to see them in the USA as both are US citizens. Thuy, the Vietamese,
    lives about 20 miles from my daughter in GA where I will be staying first upon my return. We plan to get together in April. The Korean lives in Tampa, FL and I have many family members in FL so we are hoping to see one another again. All 3 gave me their e-mail addresses. The 2 US citizens gave me their phone numbers in USA & addresses. All 3 gave their e-mail addresses. Please pray for Thuy, Min and Sutheera that we will spend eternity together with our Father. So excited about Sterling and enjoyed “seeing” him in action. Love to you all, Lila

    My response:

    We love you too, Lila. You rock!

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