the children’s museum of houston- part 1

for nai nai’s birthday, we visited the children’s museum of houston.  it was an interesting place full of creative activities, games and ways for children to discover various aspects of this world in a safe and playful environment.  it even has a mock city government, newsroom, grocery store and water park.  while most of the museum is aimed at kids 2 years and older, sterling and his cousin josie had a big time in the toddlers section on the upper floor.  we took some video of them playing and of course… lots and lots of pictures.

(click on the pictures to see the corresponding video)
sterling loved spinning these flowers that were on the wall – i guess we need to get some!  ha!


(there are 2 sled videos.  click the picture or here for part 1click here for part 2)
the sled was a huge hit.  at first, ye ye pulled sterling around and he didn’t quite know what to think until he figured out he could go faster.  later mommy pulled him up the ramp and it was all giggles after that.

 this was sterling’s first driving experience and he quickly discovered the horn.  we found this ironic since the car horn is the one thing on cars in east asia that is used the most and never seems to break!  🙂

here’s some more pictures of our day…  enjoy!