recycling in texas

unfortunately, texas has a bad reputation for being wasteful.  the good news is that things are beginning to change.  before we went to east asia we were both tree huggers, and our experience overseas has made us even more so.  the problem back in 2004 was finding a place to put your recyclable goods.  recycle centers were hard to come by in most areas of texas.  now, however,  our little suburban town has several convenient locations for which to drop off our items that don’t have to go to the landfill. 

this is what we do to reduce our trash, reuse products as much as possible, and recycle the other items when they expire.

first, we look for ways to buy products that use as little packaging as possible.

second, we take re-usable bags to the grocery store, don’t buy bottled water if possible, etc.  use re-usable containers for anything we can find.

third, conveneince is the key for recycling in this crazy-high-paced western society we live in.  thus, jennifer found these cool containers that stack up and have hinged lids for ease of placing the right type of recyclable item in the right container so that they are easy to take to the right recycle places.

these suncast brand bins can be bought for less that $30 at the home depot. (jennifer got them for me when they first came out and they were $50 then – they’re my favorite birthday gift)

the three categories that we use are paper, plastic, and glass/metals.  as you can see, we have far more use for recycle bins than a trash can. 

these bins are even more convenient in the fact that 2 of them can fit perfectly side-by-side the trunk of either of our cars.  thus, we load the two most full bins in periodically and haul them off.

we have noticed that there is a constant stream of people lining up to drop off their recyclable materials and this collection site is almost always full.  more and more people are doing it, and that makes us happy.

the other good part is knowing that we (a family of 3) only produce this much trash each week.

it’s enough to fill one grocery sack.  we’re working to even reduce that amount, but it’s hard with a little one.  this was the same amount of trash produced by the typical family in fusion, east asia each week.  imagine if every family in texas only produced that much trash.  texas would be a lot cleaner.


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