14 months & a 1/2 birthday…

sterling is now 14 months old.

he has been in our care 1 month & 5 days.

his favorite toy, hands down, is the tunnel of love we bought him from ikea.

he also enjoys playing with a bag of blocks (read: the BAG & the BLOCKS), books, his wooden fire truck (which has been removed from his care since he has learned that the paint can leave tracks on the walls!) and pretty much anything he can bang on or slide across the floor!

his favorite book is brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

our nap/night time ritual includes reading brown bear, brown bear what do you see?, goodnight moon and “the very good beginning” from the big picture story bible.  we then sing “i love you Lord” until he settles down in his bed.

“i love you Lord” is his calm down song and “this is the day the Lord has made” is his cheer up song.  i especially enjoy getting a kick out of finally having a fan of my musical (in)abilities!  sterling is my one & only fan… and that’s good enough for me!

in the past 2 weeks he has become a picky eater.  each meal we have to have a variety of options on hand… in hopes that he’ll eat some.  his favorite foods are: avocado, cottage cheese, cheerios, auntie tamrynn’s breakfast casserole, graduates puffs: sweet potato & graduates lil’ crunchies: zesty tomato (think: cheetos). severe dislikes include most things resembling vegetables or fruit. daddy has discovered the secret of making sterling’s milk juuuuuust riiiiighhht… otherwise he won’t drink his fluid needs for the day.  the milk secret is:  4 oz of whole milk mixed with 2 oz of HOT formula.  luke warm milk will not do… it must be very, very warm.  in that way, it is juuuuuust riiiiighhht!

he’s talking too… kinda.  so far he has learned to say/express:
mama (which can mean:  mommy or more)
dada (which can mean:  daddy or dog)
ut oh!
ahhhhh (said with various inflections to convey his meaning)
ge! (which we think is the equivalent of “smurf”)
…and our personal favorite: i love you

the signs we recognize are:
all done
xie xie (thank you in chinese)
we’re still practicing: bye bye & blowing kisses
…and most recently he’s learned to give high fives

the joy/challenge of having a 14 month old is that they are a lot of fun and typically very entertaining… though not always on cue!


a 1/2 birthday…

some may wonder what in the world a 1/2 birthday is… well, it’s that point in the year exactly between the birthday you’ve already experienced and the birthday you anticipate having. some people celebrate 1/2 birthdays by baking 1/2 a cake, drinking 1/2 a glass of coke, etc.

this year we’re choosing to celebrate sterling’s 1/2 birthday – for other reasons.

for one, we missed his 1st birthday… and it looks like with our plans to return to the east side in july, that our family/friends will miss his 2nd birthday.

so this year, we will celebrate sterling and the gift of his life on his 1/2 birthday – march 20.

details to be decided/revealed/shared later…


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