the three day long movie…

three day long movie???  we’ve learned that life, in every aspect, is less efficient with a little one in tow.  we knew that’s how it was going to be, but now we get to see just what our less efficient life looks like.

one example is watching a dvd.  tv in the usa is even worse than it was when we went to asia five years ago.  when we try to watch it, we feel ourselves getting dumber and dumber.  thus, except for watching certain sports, the tv basically stays unplugged.  we use jennifer’s massive laptop to watch videos, and last week she bought me a dvd to watch.  it was an odd little movie, but we liked it.  it’s called “up”.  a cartoon of an old widower, a boy scout, a dog and a strange bird that go on adventures in a house that floats around by thousands of helium balloons.

we discovered that the only time we have to watch it is in a very small window of time between getting sterling down for bed and us passing out from exhaustion shortly thereafter.  thus, it took us three different attempts on three different days to actually make it through this short animated film. 

we did wait for over 10 years for these “inconveniences”, and they are very welcome!


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