wir: side effects & bed time routine…

monday, november 16, 2009:
*you can read about “the grump” & “the bump” here.

tuesday, november 17,2009:
*sterling received 6 vaccinations, 3 in each thigh. unfortunately these shots were repeats since he originally received them in china’s care, but they didn’t show up in his bloodstream. daddy once again had the tough job of assisting the nurse administering the shots.  even so, he still cuddled with him afterwards.

wednesday,november 18, 2009:
*mommy went to her aerobics class – first time since returning home with sterling. during that time daddy used the jogging stroller around the park with sterling. at the end of the class daddy was kind enough to bring sterling in to visit with the ladies in mommy’s class – once again he wooed his audience!
*after nap time we took lao lao to the zoo as her belated birthday present. the weather was beautiful and we had a great time! we’ll get around to posting picture eventually!

thursday, november 19, 2009:
*nai nai came over early in the morning so that mommy could get some work done. she & sterling had a great time playing with (what must have been) every single toy!  then the 3 of us went to toddler time at the library. afterwards nai nai went home & sterling took a nap.
*upon his waking i realized that “the grump” had reappeared…
*that night daddy discovered a rash (side effect of the shots) on sterling’s legs.  upon further investigation we discovered that his vaccinations can cause side effects up to 21 days after given! that explains so much!

friday, november 20, 2009:
*sterling turned 14 months old!  we sure do love our little sprout!
*you can read all about his 14 month accomplishments here.
* after nap we went with nai nai, niki & josie to baybrook mall… can you say expensive!?! still it was good to get out of the house so daddy could get some studying done.
* that night we had dinner with the davis gang (thanks uncle jason & aunt niki for the medicine info!!!) at paneras.
* then we went and had a fun time in the church gym with other families. for the first time sterling found the ball pit fun. but most fun for us was watching how all the other children reacted to & loved on sterling. since he was the youngest in the group, many of the other toddlers took it upon themselves to get down on his level (read: crawl) and assist the “baby.” one boy in particular gave sterling lots of sweet hugs and played very well with him. it was great to see sterling socialize with other children!
* after all that fun we stopped by nai nai & ye ye’s house to continue our visit with uncle jason & aunt niki, josie, and the grand-parental units. this was sterling’s first visit to their house & he quickly discovered there is a world full of toys out there!

saturday, november 21, 2009:
* the morning began with an unhappy baby & for the rest of the day we paid the price(!) for keeping sterling out too long the night before!
* between the constant discomfort he was feeling (due to the side effects of th vaccines) and his routine being off kilter our little boy was having a hard time being happy. the dreary whether outside didn’t help either!
* …so we spent he morning running errands.  we came home just in time for sterling to fight his nap. argh!
* post-nap sterling had his lunch then the 2 of us headed to walmart where once again life did not cooperate with mommy’s plan to make a fast/efficient trip to the mega-shopping center!
*from there we rushed home (read: almost caused an accident!) and picked up daddy. that evening we had a dinner date with the kelton twosome… but first jarod had promised me a few things at ikea (a clock & swedish meatballs!) so we zoomed over there. then we headed to freebirds burrito to meet up with our long time friends, ann & mike. immediately upon arriving jarod realized we might be at the wrong location… so he gave them a call and sure enough we were! fortunately the keltons made the trek to our side of town and we ended up having a sweet & frantic meal together. seriously, this outing was the worst sterling has ever had. fortunately for us the keltons fell in love with him and so all was not lost!

sunday, november 22, 2009:
* we went to church an hour and a half earlier than usual so that daddy could speak to mrs. lois’ class. at the end of daddy’s speech we made an appearance and sterling stole the show from then on. it’s always so cool to personally thank the people who have prayed for so long for him!
* afterwards i thought sterling may need some “floor time” but he only wanted to be held so we listened to the praise team warm up for the service. it was a good time of worship as sterling loves the music at church.
* however, once the service actually began he was a very unhappy camper and since it was his original nap time daddy & i made the executive decision to send him to bed… so he & daddy went home while mommy stayed for the sermon.
* afterwards we had an impromptu lunch with nai nai & ye ye – which worked out perfectly since nai na took it upon herself to help around the house as well!
*sterling only slept for 1 hour, but was happy so we decided we’d put him down for a 2nd nap later in the day.
* 2nd nap time came around and i asked daddy to show me how to do it- since he seems to know the trick to getting sterling to cooperate during bed time. he showed me… you sing to him and rub his tummy or back. so i decide to take over… and that’s when sterling started sitting up, talking, fighting, crying, screaming… it was ugly. so i did the only thing i knew to do (so thankful i stayed up late the night before and did my research!) and i simply said, “sterling good night” and i walked out. of course the cries came immediately but i decided i’d give it 10 minutes… but within a few he was calm and entertaining himself. and just like that i realized he had been playing me this whole week! in fact, each day i became more desperate and literally found myself at his bedside trying to soothe him for 45 minutes! anyhoo… back to the nap… after an hour and a half we had to wake him up so he would sleep at night and we quickly realized that he not very happy to have his sleep disrupted. that’s when daddy called in the nai nai favor…
* since we were hosting a small group of people at our house, daddy took it upon himself to employ nai nai as the in-the-home-babysitter. after nearly 2 hours playing with every toy and reading every book they emerged from sterling’s room looking quite exhausted! but you could tell they both enjoyed being with each other!
* afterwards we challenged sterling to walk some… and at one point he did attempt to come towards me but fell after his first step. his desire to walk is coming back and i’m afraid we’ll have a walking baby here before we know it! (oh how they do grow up too fast!)
* at bed time mommy read sterling’s 3 favorite books… then once he was laid in his bed quickly left the room. that time the crying lasted for only 1 minute. (how is it hat during that time one minute sounds/feels like 20?) ether way, it appears dear friends, that we have a new & improved routine on our hands! as to be expected… we’ll keep you posted!

this week, hoping for less side effects & a successful bed time routine!