wir: forced fast, results & 2 thanksgivings…

monday, november 23, 2009:
* day began by waking sterling & taking him to have an ultrasound. (read: fasting 12 hours from food & drink = not fun!)  during ultrasound i learned that he didn’t have to fast afterall… but by that point it was too late!
* though mommy cleared her schedule for the day to dedicate her attention to sterling, he was perfectly content to play with his toys by himself. he’s come a long way!
* that afternoon after yet another meltdown mommy thought, “hey, i’m the adult here! i think he needs another nap!” so at 5 pm he took another nap. not exactly in line with our plans for his nap/day schedule… but the grump must go!!!
* dinner with uncle josh & aunt tamrynn… they are great!
* new things today: sterling’s first “scribble page” & feeding with a spoon.
* first visit to mommy & daddy’s “engagement restaurant” – antonio’s.
* favorite things today: scooting backwards & playing with his socks while sitting inside cardboard box

tuesday, november 24, 2009:
* daddy went to work so that meant a long, busy day for sterling & mommy.  we always miss daddy when he’s away.
* sterling spent the majority of the day crawling around the house “t-pee” style.
* he’s also pulling up & standing up on his own a lot more these days. though he’s not yet sprinting he’s a very active, busy boy! we’ve discovered that probably the only thing that’s holding him back (from sprinting) is that he’s discovered that it’s fun to fall!  yep… he likes to stands up so he can get the adrenaline rush of gravity pulling him back down!  did i mention that he’s a silly boy!?!

wednesday, november 25, 2009:
* got the report concerning the ultrasound… sterling will need hernia surgery.  we hope to know more soon.
* daddy went to work again, but got home as soon as he could… which made all of us very happy!
* mommy made sterling’s favorite meal – aunt tamrynn’s breakfast casserole 🙂
* coordinated & began preparation for our thanksgiving meal! yummy!

thursday, november 26, 2009:
* thanksgiving day was spent with lao lao & lao ye (jennifer’s parents).
* the adults enjoyed turkey, broccoli cheese casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls, cake, pumpkin pie & cookies! sterling enjoyed turkey & vegetable baby food with a side of milk.
* that night we had some quite family time – just the 3 of us.
* it was a wonderful day of thanksgiving.

friday, november 27, 2009:
* no shopping for us!
* that afternoon we (the 3 of us) went with jarod’s parents to see the movie “where the wild things are.” sterling did great during the first 45 minutes of promos… but the large screen couldn’t keep his attention throughout the duration of the movie so mommy and daddy took turns entertaining sterling while the other sat in a movie seat and was entertained. as usual, we were totally impressed with sterling’s ability to “endure…” thank you sterling, nai nai & ye ye for humoring us so that mommy could see a movie she’s been looking forward to for months!

saturday, november 28, 2009:
* we spent the morning preparing to travel to college station for thanksgiving with jarod’s grandma.
* we arrived just in time to see the majority of the extended family. everyone loved sterling!  sterling was a bit overwhelmed but we’re so grateful to our family who prayed for years for him!
* though we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with the out-of-towners we thoroughly enjoyed seeing them & spending the evening with grandma. we spent the night at her b&b… which was a real treat! thanks grandma!
* sterling said “yeah,” “wow” & “whoop!” for the first time!!! (and to think this whole time i thought when he was saying “yeah” that he was just screaming!)

sunday, november 29, 2009:
* grandma made us a special treat – breakfast pizza.
* the morning was spent packing, playing & preparing for our speaking engagement at a church in college station.
* we realized this overnight trip provided a good testing ground for future travels! hopefully there’s a way to take less than 6 bags (1 for us, 5 for sterling) for an overnighter!
* sterling slept for only 1 hour of the 2 hour drive home… so soon after unpacking we put him in his bed for another unsuccessful attempt at a nap time.
* at night we ran some errands… academy & walmart. not exactly a fun way to end a busy, thank-filled week(end) but efficient none-the-less!

is it just me… or did this past week and the month of november pass too quickly???