“nai nai”

the week of thanksgiving (november 23) daddy went with his brother (uncle jason/jason shu shu) & dad (ye ye) to a texans football game.  it was a good game that ended badly.  which meant a tired week awaited them without the prize of bragging rights!  the good news is that the texans lost on espn which bought the rights to monday night football. This means that it’s no longer available to the masses… thus the texan’s disappointment  was only available to the those willing to pay for cable, satelite or to federal prison inmates.     meanwhile, sterling hung out with the girls (mommy, aunt niki/niki ayi, josie & nai nai) at the house.   we decided to take a photo shoot of the 2 grandkids with their nai nai.

here’s a few sweet pictures from that night…

“go texans!”


see sterling’s bent pinky finger?
like father, like son!

“thank you Lord for my family…”

the following week (november 30) sterling said “nai nai” oh about a thousand times!  that is, until mommy would call nai nai on the phone… then suddenly he would fall silent!