wir: snow showers, baby shower & snow fest…

wir means week in review… which also means i have chronicled our life… and it may not be of any interest to anyone but us.  either way, this is our blog so we have chosen to also use it as our own personal family journal.

monday, november 29, 2009:
* daddy was working from home so sterling and i spent the better part of the morning trying not to distract him with our play and questions. being the wise man that jarod is, he took his reading outside so he wouldn’t be tempted to forego it for fun with sterling.
* sterling struggled much of the morning with “the grump” so he took his 3 hour nap starting at 10 am! so early… but obviously so needed!
* after nap sterling and i picked up nai nai at her house. the purpose was 2 fold: get us out of the house so daddy could “plow through his work” and so that we could accompany nai nai as she accomplished her to do list. we had fun finding gifts for her friend overseas at target then went over to marshall’s where the toy section was both large and immaculate! we left both places with the feeling of success!
* sterling was getting a little weary of shopping so we went to nai nai’s house where he had a ball banging pans and stacking blocks. we were both amazed as he stacked 3 blocks repeatedly without even once being coached! according to my professional opinion sterling is a genius!
* for dinner daddy wanted pizza so after dropping sterling & meili (our dog was at nai nai’s house since we went out of town over the weekend)off  i went to get the pizza… of which sterling did not have the opportunity to enjoy.
* at night we had a sweet time of simply being a family together in our own (well, kinda) home.

tuesday, december 1, 2009:
* daddy went to work today.  we hate it when that happens!  but we are so appreciative that he has a “job” he can go to!  so no complaints!
* since sterling slept in a little bit mommy was fully responsible for him even while attempting to take a shower.  yep, his love tank suddenly landed on empty in the middle of my shower and no amount of consoling him from behind the glass door would do.  all he wanted was to be held.  poor baby.
* after nap daddy came home and worked from home for the remainder of the afternoon.  eve though we didn’t dare bother him, it was such a relief to know he was near.  it’s amazing how intense my missing hm is when he’s gone!
* while daddy was working (from home) lao lao & lao ye dropped by or a visit.  we haven’t seen them as much as w would like…  maybe that ill change.
* that night we had big plans to go to the community lighting of the christmas tree.  we were all very excited. unfortunately a very windy cold front blew through and with it came sheets of icy rain.  needless-to-say we opted not to go.  good thing to ’cause the next day we discovered it wa canceled! instead we spent a cozy evening inside!

wednesday, december 2, 2009:
* though it was still quite chilly outside mommy & daddy wanted to exercise.  we’re still amazed at how long it takes 2 of us to get one baby ready for an outing!  mommy eventually (a little late) made it to aerobics and daddy bundled sterling up for a trip in the jogging stroller.  the coolest part of our exercise time was when it was over daddy & sterling were waiting in the car for mommy. 
* after play, snack and nap we had big plans!  we had a play date with cousin josie.  so at 3:30 sterling & mommy got in the car and headed over to their house where the mommies and babies had a good time enjoying each other!  then at 6:30ish daddy joined us (along with jason, his brother) for dinner together.  niki made a wonderful meal of chicken parmesan and bow tie pasta.  it was delicious!  then i took a few CHRISTmas pictures of them as a family while daddy & sterling worked hard to draw josie’s attention toward the camera.  before we knew it it was time to head home.  it truly was a great time out!
* we got sterling home just in time for a quick bath and then we was down for the count.  he was so tired he didn’t even want his nightly book reading ritual!

thursday, december 3, 2009:
* yep, sterling was certainly tired!  he didn’t wake up till 8!  once he was fed and ready for the day we headed out to accomplish some mundane errands which included 5 trips in and out of the car in a short 2 mile strip of road!  unfortunately mommy forgot that today toddler time a the library – oops!
* when we got home sterling was ready to crash so he went down for a nap… only he spent the first hour of nap time talking to & entertaining himself!  i guess he got an extra shot of wake up juice right about the time he was put down!  besides the yawning, rubbing his eyes and sucking his thumb i knew sterling was tired because when i put him in his pack-n-play he didn’t make a peep or even a small cry!  but still he played around for an hour… go figure!
* after his 1 hour of play time and 3 hour nap (!) sterling woke up to a cleaner house and a rested mommy!
* in the afternoon we went to visit mommy’s uncle david, who lives nearby in assisted living care.  once we arrived we found uncle david in his wheelchair in the hallway.  immediately i introduced him to sterling (who was in his stroller).  uncle david then grabbed his straw (don’t know why he had one, he didn’t have a drink!) and began to blow in it, puffing bursts of air on sterling’s face.  sterling liked that… so the friendship between the 2 began!  at one point i needed to push uncle david to another room so he grabbed sterling’s stroller and pushed it while i pushed his wheelchair… we made our own train!  it was so sweet to watch them 2 together.  wherever sterling went or whatever he did, he had uncle david’s full attention!  when it was time to go we accompanied him to the dining room.  since dinner wasn’t et being served the 2 o them played with sterling’s push and play musical toy.
* that evening daddy arrived home with dinner in hand and so the 3 of us ate our meals together.  afterwards daddy & sterling were playing on the floor… when lao lao made a surprise visit.  sterling played until it was bath time (also when lao lao left).  if i heard right he also said “lao lao” for the first time!  and just like that another day was wrapped up!
* how could i have forgotten to mention that sterling puckered up and made the smacking sound we recognize as a kiss for the first time today!  he did it several times in a row!  ahhhh…

friday, december 4, 2009:
* even though sterling spent 1/2 the day in his jammies he had an eventful morning!  besides spending most of his time eating, playing and giggling from tickles he also got to see his first snow fall!  we never, ever thought his first snow fall would happen in h-town, much less at the beginning of december!  so naturally we took him outside for pictures!  he didn’t seem to mind the cold or snow so much…  in fact i think it fascinated him! 
*during his nap mommy went to lunch with some ladies from her aerobics class… this was a very special lunch as it also doubled as a sterling shower.  the ladies were so generous and loving!  as usual, mommy was amazed by the kindness of the people here and grateful for having so many wonderful people in our lives who rejoice at the gift of sterling with us!
* after nap mommy & sterling went to walmart where we bought him a hat and gloves… in preparation for our upcoming snow fest date.
* after a dinner of shake ‘n bake pork chops with nai nai and ye ye we headed over to the dp community center where we happily paid our $2 for 5 minutes in the snow.  mommy assisted sterling in the snow… kinda.  she did the unimaginable.  mommy helped sterling lick the snow… the snow that had been trampled on by lots of kiddos prior to our turn in it!  but she didn’t care ’cause we were enjoying our time in the cold, exploring the icy possibilities!
* after mommy consumed a large pickle & nai nai made her rounds at the booths we headed home where we dried off and spent the remainder of the evening on the floor playing.
* once again we ended the day grateful and overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness!

saturday, december 5, 2009:
* i think this was the first day that we didn’t leave the house!  and it wasn’t due to the weather, but circumstances!
*daddy spent the day studying and for the most part sterling and i stayed busy around the house.
* it was a crazy day of feeling like i was missing sterling even though he was in our house!  it was a weird feeling!  see, sterling was tired most of the morning so i was sure he would pass out immediately at nap time… but no, it took him about 2 hours… with intermittent times of play and times of quiet (sleeping?).  he finally woke up at 4 pm – which meant 5 hours in the pack-n-play!  i think part of the problem is he actually likes having his own space, the pack-n-play… i guess i should be counting my blessings instead of complaining!
* in the evening aunt elizabeth and uncle dustin came over to hang out.  daddy was often distracted with football and we all experienced random interruptions from our own little darling, sterling!  overall (ha!) i think we all had a good time… at least the dinner of swedish meatballs was at yummy (thanks ikea for going frozen!)!  thanks also to dustin who showed us how to use our slr!

sunday, december 6, 2009:
* the day began & ended with dreary weather but that didn’t hamper our productivity!
* at 10 am i was tempted to skip church… not because i wanted to (the LORD knows i didn’t) but my tummy was very cranky & sterling was getting very sleepy and unhappy.  you see, church starts at his actual nap time – which often makes for a difficult hour and a half!  we did go… and we thoroughly enjoyed the CHRISTmas program… especially seeing lao lao in the choir.  sterling especially loved the music, which was very calming and mommy & daddy appreciated the message presented by the narrators.  we were glad we went & glad when we finally made it home & could give sterling some much needed rest!
* after church we had lao lao, nai nai & ye ye over for a smorgasboard lunch.  i think every container in our house was filled with leftovers!  ha! they cheerfully ate and as usual we enjoyed having family hanging with us at our home!
* that afternoon we actually had to wake sterling up from his nap (he slept 3.5 hours!) so that we could feed and clothe him before heading out to our sunday night speaking engagement.  we had a great time meeting and sharing with the host church.  afterwards they spoiled us with a bbq meal, strawberry cake and even gave us an entire coconut pie!  they were so sweet & generous!  i am so grateful for our universal church family!
*from there we headed over to our home church to catch “santa” before he left.  sterling took his first picture with the jolly, white bearded man and then we headed home for some wind down time before bed.  i’m convinced sterling never fully woke up fro his afternoon nap…  even so it surprised me when he almost leapt out of my arms into his bed!  oh little one please don’t be in such a hurry to leave your mommy!


* i don’t remember if i mentioned this or not, but sterling is the “pointingest” baby i’ve ever seen!  he points to everything!  and he has a knack for noticing all the details above us, especially lights!  and it’s always over-the-top adorable!  i especially love it when he quickly retracts his stretched out arm… i don’t know why but it cracks me up!  sometimes when he’s in his feeding chair he points to my mouth so i can kiss his cute little pointer finger.  i love it!
* sterling loves to play follow the leader – and he always likes being the leader!  whether it’s making silly noises, screaming “yeah,” clapping his hands or maneuvering through the house he likes to be the one in the lead… even if the only follower is the dog!  yep, i think we have a “born leader” on our hands!
* because i forgot to mention last week i’ll put it here… on the friday after thanksgiving we turned on the radio to listen to CHRISTmas music and the first CHRISTmas song sterling heard was “we don’t have snow in houston!”  how fitting!  and then, of course, the LORD surprised all of us and by the end of the week we actually did!  ha!