many years ago jarod expressed his appreciation for a particular artist – gustav klimt. you may not recognize the name, but you probably recognize his painting entitled “the kiss.” with a little bit of help i found other paintings that i also liked. while on the east side i ordered several different prints and had them custom framed.  my all time favorite klimt painting is “mother and child.”

so much about it inspired me.  even during my most difficult days of waiting for our little sprout i still found pleasure in the hope of one day being the gentle, loving mother of a dark haired baby.

somewhere along the way i decided that once united with our little one i needed to recreate this beautiful piece of art.
i grew my hair out, bought flowers resembling those in the picture and jarod decorated me when the day finally came.  he also took the pictures… which proved a rather interesting task since we woke a sleeping baby in hopes of creating the perfect cuddling opportunity.  poor sterling, he had a hard time calming back down once moved from his bed and the foliage felt uncomfortable to his touch… eventually, however, he was able to rest and through the lens of our camera daddy caught the moment – not exactly resembling the one in the painting – but the one of us, mother and child – mommy holding baby – jennifer loving sterling.

i think it was day 2 after meeting sterling that i turned to jarod and softly said, “this love… this mommy love… it’s so intense…”
there’ no other way to express such miraculous, awe-inspiring love.