wir: a date night,

monday, december 7, 2009:
* daddy was at home helping out a lot!
* after nap time mommy, sterling & nai nai headed (in the cold & rain) to target ’cause mommy had to return some things (& daddy needed to study). then we went grocery shopping – something i find myself doing every other day now that we have sterling! ha!
* we returned home just as daddy had finished his homework and was finishing cleaning up the house. thanks daddy for taking such good care of us!
* at night we had auntie tamrynn & uncle josh over for football & breakfast-for-dinner… mommy made the meal using tamrynn’s recipes, which turned out ok, but with a bit of tweaking i think i can get it to be as yummy as hers! we thoroughly enjoyed our hang out time as sterling was pretty laid back and they are fun to spend time with!

tuesday, december 8, 2009:
* daddy went into work late today (yippy!) so he was a huge help as mommy had to tend to some health issues this morning.
* prenap we (mommy & sterling) spent most of our time on the couch reading books. he was super cuddly and mommy always dreamt of the days when she could read some of her favorite children’s books with her little one. with the wet cold outside it made for a perfect morning!
* post nap mommy thought she’d run a few errands and make a surprise visit to lao lao’s (which would have been our 1st time at their home).  unfortunately every.single.stop. required a lot of patience as apparently americans can be just as inefficient as those people in the east!  everywhere we went we ended up behind one person who took f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  it was trying for both mommy & sterling!
* we did eventually make it to lao lao’s… but no one was home!  so we went on our way… making it home past 6 with 2 bread bowls ($3.18) in hand!  daddy filled them up with some thick & chunky canned soup and we enjoyed a quite night at home.

wednesday, december 9, 2009:
* daddy took sterling in the jogging stroller around the park while mommy went to her aerobics class.  while there 3 more gift were given to sterling… he’s so popular and the ladies are so sweet!
* when we returned home we couldn’t resist sitting outside for a little while.  both the trees and the yard were dotted with fall colored leaves.  it was a beautiful morning!  while outside mommy also spent some time capturing fall pictures of sterling.  love, love, love the trees and blue skies!
* in the afternoon lao lao came over and we headed to the zoo.  it took us a while to actually find it.  our gps (aka. daddy) was at home studying and so we made a huge loop around the zoo before we actually found the parking lot.  once out of the car we realized that the temperature had dropped substantially since leaving the house and so we bundled sterling up and headed in.  once in we went straight to the children’s zoo.  he especially loved watching the active .  at one point i told sterling “burrrr…” and he shivered appropriately.  unfortunately this wasn’t a learned behavior but a reaction to the cold!  with that i told lao lao it was time to head home… but not before dropping in on the reptiles (they were nestled nice and cozy inside).  sterling didn’t care to hunt for the various reptiles in their glassed in containers but lao lao had a blast.  we left just in time to catch rush hour traffic.  fortunately we caught a break and made it home at 6 – just when the freeze was coming in.
* when we arrived home nai nai and daddy were waiting for us.  i fed sterling and then jarod and i slipped out of the house quietly.  after 7.5 weeks we found ourself on our first date – just the 2 of us!  we enjoyed a very yummy italian meal at antonios then stopped by redbox to pick up a date movie…
* by the time we made it home i was itching to see our lil’ sprout and the best surprise happened when we walked in and his face lit up!  oh how i love our little boy!
* interestingly enough we only made it 1/2 way through the movie… we were very tired!

thursday, december 10, 2009:
* daddy worked all day so mommy was responsible for not burning the house down, holding down the fort… and making it through another day without better 1/2.  we managed… but it wasn’t as fun!
* sterling had a rough morning as he never seemed to be able to wake up.  so mommy thinking a change of scenery would cheer up our lil’ sprout dressed him for the bitter cold outside and drove him to the library for toddler time.  only, once we arrived we quickly discovered that toddler time is on hiatus until after the new year!  so attempting to make the best of a not-so-happy-sprout grabbed a couple of toddler books and began reading them to an increasingly impatient boy.  eventually he hit melt down mode and we high tailed it out of there in hopes that a nap would take care of the tired little boy we all love.
* surprisingly the nap didn’t cure him.  in fact i don’t know that it was pure tiredness that was driving the grump either.  i think we were having one of those rare days that toddlers sometimes have.  sterling was needing his mommy… and his tiredness was only causing him to be more expressive with his need.
* i had promised nai nai that i would go to her house in the afternoon to assist in the preparations of our friends arrival.  so sticking to my word i bundled sterling up again and we headed over to her house but not before warning her that he was being a little more needy on this particular day.  glad to say that once there, and once distracted by nai nai and all of her fun toys sterling had a good afternoon while mommy did a little cleaning.
* that evening i had a serious stomach ache so we had a gourmet meal of corn dogs and green beans before lao lao came over to relieve mommy from some of her duties.  daddy also chipped it, making it easy for mommy to rest.  so thankful for family who is nearby so that we can help them & they can help us!

friday, december 11, 2009:
* mommy’s stomach ache persisted through the night so in the morning daddy played with sterling so that i could get some pain relief.  (read jennifer was out of commission and daddy was the vigilant knight watching over our little dragon!)
* during sterling’s afternoon nap i also slept.  it felt good, but it also set me back on accomplishing my daily tasks!  argh!  during our nap time daddy did the miraculous and finished all of his homework and sent it in to be graded!  yippy!
* in the afternoon i needed to run some errands and i was thrilled when daddy offered to come along!  it was so wonderful to have him back… and not constantly having to invent ways to give him more study time!  so thankful that season is over and his holiday season is upon us!  we have so, so much to celebrate!
* during our errands we actually met up with nai nai at walmart.  i’m sure sterling thinks that nai nai can be wherever we are at any given time!  hee hee!  as you can tell we’re totally enjoying the closeness of our family!  speaking of family we had a great time in the evening over at cousin josie’s house.  we went to celebrate jason’s birthday and had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful texmex feast homemade by niki!  yum!  again sterling and josie had fun playing (in the same room) together while the parents and grandparents oohed and ahhhed over them!  family really is such a wonderful gift… both in the blessing of sterling, which completes our little family and sharing our days with siblings and parents, which blesses our hearts!  we ended the night young (that’s what you do when you have toddlers) but not without much thankfulness on our parts for such wonderful celebrations!
* after sterling was snug in his own bed mommy & daddy stayed up later than usual for a toast using daddy’s favorite, sparkling grape juice and a watching an episode of the office.  needless to say, by the time we headed to bed we were all to aware that the morning would come too quickly!

saturday, december 12, 2009:
* the last couple of days have been a blur so this should be short & simple:  enjoyed our day with our little man.  took a trip to target.  hung out at nai nai & ye ye’s as we waited for our fusion friends to arrive.  welcomed them with open arms.  then introduced them to antonio’s pizza – yummy!  spent time with cousin josie and the grandparental units.  hung our heads with uncle jason & aunt niki when they arrived from the a&m basketball game after a loss… headed home with 4 of our fusion friends and stayed up till 11:30 talking & having fun.  crashed.
sunday, december 13, 2009:
* the day began too early after staying up too late – 6 am.  sterling is our inconsistent, but ever faithful alarm clock!  we had a relaxed morning with our friends.  we enjoyed scrambled eggs & pigs in a blanket. 
* then just as sterling was getting tired we headed off to church where our friends, e & k10 got to share a little bit about “love” on the east side.  it was way cool!  eventually sterling fell asleep, whew!  on the way home the girls picked up subway sandwiches while the guys headed to the airport to pick up david.

* in the afternoon the girls (including me!) decided a trip to old navy was in order.  i thoroughly enjoyed my hang out time with the girls and trying on clothes just for the fun of it!
* from there we headed to pappasitos where we met up with the 3 guys, sterling and nai nai and ye ye.  once again our friends were totally impressed with texas cuisine!  all of us ended up back at our house where we laughed hysterically as we reminisced about out time on the east side.  we did not however stay up as late as the night before!  so thankful for the renion of so many dear friends we share such sweet memories with!

milestones with daddy:
* 2 weeks ago sterling drank water out of a cup… i guess seeing daddy quench his thirst with a refreshing glass of cold water wet sterling’s appetite and he gladly drank water for the first time!
* last week sterling ate apple willingly for the first time.  like the water, daddy made the apple so appealing that sterling couldn’t resist.  now it should be noted that he has had apple in various forms… puree, applesauce, cubed, in baby food, and apple yogurt – all of which he continues to loathe even after his apple eating breakthrough with daddy!
* on monday jarod pulled out his guitar and immediately it became apparent that our lil’ sprout has rhythm!  not only that, but he also “air strummed” (with his pointer finger) as jarod played!  maybe he’ll be proficient in guitar by 5???  seriously though, this boy is gonna need to start music lessons early… he has such a love & knack for it already!


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