sterling’s surgery…

on thursday, december 31, 2009 approximately at 12 noon sterling will have surgery to correct a hernia. estimated surgery time: 40 minutes. estimated time in recovery: 1 hour.  he will return home the same day.

when we met sterling in china and had him examined at a local hospital no one (included us) noticed the little bulge in his lower abdomen. however, when we brought him back to the states and took him to a doctor here for a post-adoption check up the pediatrician noticed a slight bulge and ordered an ultrasound be taken to confirm if it was in fact a hernia. after much screaming on sterling’s part the hernia did actually reveal itself. apparently stress and/or crying can cause it to bulge to very obvious proportions.
so after reviewing the extent of the hernia it was determined the only way to repair it is through surgery.
yesterday his surgery date and time were confirmed.
we ask that you pray for our lil’ sprout during this time. though this is a “routine & simple procedure” there is nothing routine or simple about it for us, his parents… or for him!
please pray for sterling as we prepare him for surgery (read no drinks after 4 am).  pray for us to know the best ways to soothe and comfort him.  please also pray for the doctor to have wisdom and that his hand will be guided ever so precisely. pray that sterling would respond well to anesthesia. and of course, we especially ask that you pray for a quick and painless recovery.


4 thoughts on “sterling’s surgery…

  1. I will praying for comfort for you & Sterling. Melissa also had a hernia when she was 5. It was discovered in the evening while she was getting ready for bath time after playing. Of course, we were scared but I took her to her pediatrician the next morning. He confirmed that it was a hernia & referred us to a surgeon. We had to wait about a week for the actual surgery. During that time, I was asking everyone that I came in contact with to pray!!!! By the time her surgery came, I had a wonderful peace that everything was gonna be just fine! She came through the surgery great & they said keep her quiet & still the rest of the day….right! She rested for about 2-3 hours & then she was back to her normal, 5 year old self!!!! I’ll be praying that the Lord will wrap his arms around all of you & comfort you.
    Love y’all! Keep us posted.

  2. Hello Sterling ❤

    I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and that I love you very much. I am also praying for your Mom and Dad…cause I know that they love you very much too…and that they want your surgery to go well.

    I hope that I get to see you soon…so I can give you a big hug. I miss you ❤

    Feel better soon and I hope that when your surgery is over…you get to eat all kinds of candy and plenty of ice cream. you are a precious little man ❤

    Love to you ❤

  3. We’ll be thinking of you guys and hoping all goes smoothly. I’m so glad he can return home in the same day. He’ll be so happy to be with his toys in a familiar environment.

  4. Hi friends, I just read this update and it looks like Sterling will be having surgery within the hour. Praying for all to go well today. Let us know! Love to you 3!

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