UPDATE: please keep praying…

UPDATE: sterling was diagnosed with bronchiolitis (not bronchitis).  the doctor gave him a breathing treatment (inhaler) while we were in the office and his breathing calmed significantly immediately.  so thankful for such a simple treatment.  she did recommend that we also buy a cold mist humidifier.  apparently it could take up to 2 weeks for him to completely heal.

i want to once again thank you for your prayers.  i’m positive they helped sustain our lil’ family last night.  when jarod went to the store to fill sterling’s prescription they told him that they were out of the medicine but that we could pick it up the next day.  as you can imagine, when your child has labored breathing that’s unacceptable.  so jarod had to fight the crowds to get the prescription back.  meanwhile, as we awaited daddy’s return sterling’s nose began bleeding.  at first it was just a drop but before long it was leaking like a faucet.  coupled with his inability to breath easily and not knowing if/when his prescription would be filled i became very upset.  eventually daddy returned with the prescription and sterling’s nose stopped bleeding all on it’s own (what was that all about anyway!?!) and we were able to administer the much needed medicine.  again, he responded well and began to feel better immediately.  we’re happy to report that sterling slept through the night and woke up a very happy baby!  again, THANK YOU for your prayers!


a couple of days before sterling’s surgery he began exhibiting signs of a cold.  we were relieved that his runny nose didn’t turn into a severe cold that would prevent his surgery.  we’ve been thankful that he hasn’t had a fever.  however, he was experiencing extreme separation anxiety during this time.  i’m totally okay with sterling wanting his mommy when he doesn’t feel good… as i’ve often wished for my mom’s tlc (even in my adult years) when i wasn’t feeling well.  even so, i’d rather him be well!

post surgery we thought that he was on the upside of the cold… but yesterday (sunday) he started coughing a lot and we started hearing a rattle in his chest and today he is wheezing.  we know his cold/congestion problem is being compounded by the fact that he’s not getting the rest he needs (he’s not sleeping through the night or taking his regular naps).  my guess is all of his healing energy is going towards his surgery, which has left him susceptible to this more advanced cold.  fortunately he has had his flu shots so we’re not anticipating anything that serious!

in an hour i will be taking sterling to the pediatrician in hopes of finding a solution to help our lil’ sprout heal quickly.  please pray for wisdom on behalf of the doctor & us, his parents (who are constantly trying to decipher our next step) and pray especially for sterling, that he would respond well to treatment and be back to his normal, happy self soon.

thank you for standing in the gap – again.  will keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: please keep praying…

  1. Most definitely standing in the gap… I think you guys rockin’ parents!
    I have been reflecting over past year and miss you guys…

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