wir: the new year, “GOD” & sick boy…

we began the new year caring for a recovering baby.  the truth is, we were surprised by how smoothly his surgery went and how quickly he was recovering.

saturday, january 2, 2009:
the real shocker came when he began exhibiting serious congestion the following days.  when his stuffy nose turned to wheezing we knew things were not well.  however, being that these symptoms revealed themselves on the weekend, we had no choice but to wait until monday for an appointment.

sunday, january 3, 2009:
jarod shared in both services a few lessons we’ve learned while living overseas.  and though it is my custom to be by his side at such occasions, the necessity of sterling’s wellbeing beckoned me to stay behind to assure he could get a morning nap.  so, after a glorious nap we joined daddy at church where sterling sat mesmerized (for the most part) as his daddy spoke from the platform.  seriously, he sat still longer than he has since church visit #1!  at one point while jarod was speaking sterling clearly said, “GOD!”  it was so funny & quite intriguing for me.  it’s not like jarod had just said “GOD”… but somewhere, in his genius brain he has connected the dots.  i’m not totally sure what those dots are, maybe that being in that building (?)/we serve (?)/we love GOD (?)/GOD loves us (?).  either way, i am still amazed that he has even the slightest understanding of “GOD.”  and of course, during sterling’s absolute favorite parts of our time at church, the music, he continued to repeat his new word: “GOD!”

monday, january 4, 2009:
the next day i made an appointment for sterling to see the pediatrician in the afternoon.  i invited nai nai along so she could give me her take on my very logical (but not necessarily ga-ga-over-sterling) doctor.  it was then that sterling’s condition became real – bronchiolitis… a common illness in babies and toddlers that can lead to bronchitis.  as usual (i think), i took it in stride.  however, by that night and while jarod was trying to find a place who actually had the medicine to fill sterling’s prescription, i began to panic.  sterling’s wheezing/chest congestion seemed to worsen by the minute.  in addition, his nose started bleeding – a lot!  i couldn’t imagine putting my baby to bed (which is what he needed) without his much needed inhaler and with a bloody nose that could possibly cause more damage to his lungs, etc.  eventually jarod did make it home with medicine in hand and we began treating him.

tuesday, january 5 – thursday, january 7, 2009:
sterling seemed to be healing beautifully… in fact, he was almost “normal” on wednesday… but on thursday we had a major setback.  unfortunately, i was home alone (jarod was at work) and sterling had one melt down after another all day long.  even after a 3.5 hour nap!  poor baby wasn’t feeling well… and i was becoming exhausted.  as you can imagine, it was a long, demanding day.  i ended up making an executive decision to give sterling some extra sleep and put him to bed early.

friday, january 8, 2009:
sterling slept a total of 11.5 hours! he woke up very, very happy! it’s always nice to wake up on your own (without the cries of your little one) and lay in bed (with your honey) for some extra chill time! once up, most of the fits revolved around his ever leaking faucet of snot… but wipe it i must! and even though we took him out in the frozen cold he seemed pretty happy! we have laid off the inhaler, thinking that now the problem is his sinuses, not so much his lungs. even so, we’re flexible and learning as we go. here’s to happier, healthier days ahead!

* i don’t know what day exactly but sometime during the past week sterling began understanding and applying the concept “in” on demand.  he can also say “in” though it sounds more like “uh” to the untrained ear.  😉
* sterling can also tell you that a dog says “ruff ruff” (uhh uhh)… which, depending on your ear (and imagination) may or may not need translation 😉
* in addition, sterling is a big fan of those round things we call “ball”… in sterling-ese this very important word is translated “ma.” not sure if there is a correlation between “mama” and “ma” (aka. ball) but they sure sound similar! 😉
* i have been amazed by sterling this past week. you see, on most mornings he chooses a letter off the fridge. we then put the letter on his tray and talk about the sound it makes and say words using that particular letter throughout the day. now, he knows the word “letter” but what amazes me is that he totally gets that each letter has it’s own name. for instance, if i say, “where is ‘f’?” he will immediately look for the letter on his tray and hold it up. just to make sure he was really understanding i have tried “where is __?” several times (without saying “letter”) and he consistently holds up that day’s letter… even when we haven’t reviewed it for a whole meal! yes, i’m pleasantly astonished!

this week i am disappointed that the circumstances have not allowed me to take a million photos of our lil’ sprout… but don’t worry, i’m sure once he’s well and active again, the camera will come out of hiding.


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