my family’s grief – please pray…

wednesday i got a phone call from my mom.  i knew something was wrong.  she was crying.  she told me my step-sister, michelle, had passed away… and she just found out.

leaving sterling with jarod’s mom the 2 of us went to my parent’s house.  i wanted so badly to help them.  but all i could do was stand there, intermittently give them hugs, and following them around saying back to them what they had gone in that particular room to do.  really i was useless.  except for the fact that we were there.  physically present.

i can’t imagine the grief my parent’s faced when they actually arrived in del rio, 6 hours away.  i can’t imagine the decisions that had to be made or the pain of allusive sleep.  i can’t imagine the depth of heartache they are now experiencing.

please pray for my dad that he would experience God’s peace during this unbelievably difficult time.  please pray for my nephew, jeffery, as he grieves the greatest loss he’s ever experienced.  and please pray for my mom, who truly lost her best friend.  pray that for all of them this would be a time of encountering the Living God, our Great Comforter.  pray that through his grace they would experience total healing.   and pray for wisdom as each day they face new challenges, adjustments and the reality of their new circumstances.

tomorrow jarod and i will join them.  we’re anticipating our 6 hour drive may actually stretch to 9 as we stop frequently to care for sterling’s needs.  however long it takes us, we’re grateful we’re able to be here… with our family during this time.

pray for us too, that we would have meaningful times of reconnecting and ministering to my family… especially my nephew, jeffery.  pray we would be faithful agents of God’s love.


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