wir: praise “GOD”, loss, and the perfect play place…

sunday,  january 10, 2010:
the morning began at the usual time, doing the usual things prior to preparing for our venture to church.  i call it a “venture” because in some aspects, our sunday mornings are like an “adventure” but maybe not as fun – yet!  i say yet, ’cause we’re still figuring out how to break up nap time so that we can attend sunday services with a happy baby.  even so, this particular sunday morning turned to extraordinary when i was feeding sterling his breakfast cereal and when hearing praise music on the radio he suddenly pointed up and said “God!”  now, contrary to popular belief, jarod and i are not walking around the house exhibiting this particular behavior.  even so, he’s continuing to put the “God” pieces together!  in fact, he did this so many times we began trying to see what he was seeing.  we didn’t see “God” but we do believe that God is actively involved in all of our lives!  when we finally made it to church (late i might add) we decided to try yet another experiment – the church nursery.  i chose to stay with him so that he could become accustomed to this new concept.  the class we joined included a few other babies much younger than sterling so i’m thinking next time we’ll go to the toddler class.  i was disappointed to learn that each week the nursery workers rotate through… which means we will probably never be able to leave sterling in familiar hands… which also means we’ll keep rotating ourselves (who goes to service/who stays with him) until we come up with a different solution.  as usual, we’re learning as we go!  in the afternoon sterling took a very long nap then in the evening we headed back up to the church for a special worship/communion time.  it was really special to me since i missed corporate worship that morning and it was a good time to reflect/repent/refocus.  sterling was pretty content for the most part and at one point began waving his hands with the music.  i think our little man is learning to worship through listening to song.  it’s cool to witness these developments as we recognize a worshipful spirit is not something you can teach!  it was also a special time as we got to worship and take communion (excluding sterling, of course!) as a family.  our usual, venture-filled sunday was actually a wonderful sunday!

monday, january 11, 2010:
in the morning i had to run to the doctor’s office to do some blood work.  with just an hour to get me and sterling ready i was quite proud of myself when we accomplished what i thought was the impossible!  afterwards jarod’s mom and i headed to a couple of christian book stores in search for bible study material.  i was amazed that even though lifeway didn’t have enough of what i needed they ups’ed it to our house – for free!  arriving a mere 24 hours later!  kudos to lifeway!  after securing our goods (ha!) we headed home.  i dropped teri (aka nai nai) off at her place and headed home where sterling took several hours worth of intermittent naps.  in fact, by the time jarod made it home i was quit upset as i felt that all my fun sterling time had been wasted trying to help him get some much needed rest.  thankfully we made up for our lack of  play time in the evening and had a blast being a family of 3!

tuesday, january 12, 2010:
besides being jarod’s dad’s (aka ye ye’s) 60th birthday we had an absolutely perfect day!  seriously!  sterling woke up happy, he played happily for hours and he giggled his way through the day!  he was one happy, healthy, full of life and full of fun baby boy!  besides describing how perfectly content and joyful sterling was all day long there’s no other way to sum up our perfect day!  sterling has begun being seriously interested in our ‘table food’ and ate bbq for the first time.  mommy refrained from feeding him pickles even though he was obviously interested in trying them!  maybe next time… if there’s a crowd around!  😉  in the evening we hosted a study at our home.  knowing that sterling would be the center of attention we have chosen to let him visit nai nai and ye ye during that time.  but you better believe that as soon as people started heading out the door i was making a bee line for the car… and for our baby boy!  when i got to their house 2 minutes later i was thankful and a little baffled (if i’m going to be honest) that he was perfectly content and happy with them as well!  in fact, he had a hard time saying his goodbyes.  poor baby, he loves them so much!  and poor mommy, who wanted so badly to love on her lil’ sprout!  😉

wednesday, january 13, 2010:
apparently i got sterling out of bed too early.  i learned the hard way today that even if he sounds like he’s ready to join the world of the living i need to first make sure he’s acting like he’s ready to join us (ie. sitting up, standing up… something besides laying there talking to himself!)  so when i didn’t think any of us could handle another melt down i did the only thing i knew to do – put him back in bed.  at that time i left sleeping sterling in jarod’s care while i ran a few errands.  when i returned i made the unforgiving mistake of being too loud as i entered the front door… and that’s how i ruined a perfect good napping opportunity.  lesson learned!  for lunch jarod had called in the troops (ie. his mom) for a special babysitting favor.  always willing to comply she came over just in time for us to enjoy a special olive garden all the soup & salad you can eat lunch date.  unfortunately while there i recieved a phone call that would alter the rest of our plans and the remainder of my life.  my mom called to tell me my step-sister had passed away.  suddenly.  unexpectantly.  sadly.  i’m sure my mind wasn’t grasping the depth of the situation but it was clear that my mom was feeling the pain of her new reality.  so upon finishing up our meal we headed over to my parents where we did the only thing we could do – simply be there with them.  it was a difficult time for sure, but i’mso glad i am here in the states as we face this together.  please pray for my dad that he would experience God’s peace during this unbelievably difficult time.  please pray for my nephew, Jeffery, as he grieves the greatest loss he’s ever experienced.  and please pray for my mom, who truly lost her best friend.  in the evening as were experiencing waves of emotions as we began to process the seriousness of the situation i was grateful that sterling was again back to his normal, happy self.  but then a little accident happened.  as sterling was walking to me i made the mistake of moving back so that he would continue walking he fell, which is in itself no big deal.  but his mouth landed on a block on th floor. immediately blood started coming out of his mouth.  of course, we did all we could to comfort him.  we originally thought that he bit his lip or cut the inside of his mouth… but it soon became clear that he had fallen on his two front teeth.  it took well over an hour for them to stop bleeding.  naturally i fear that maybe they are loose and he will lose them.  eventually he did regain his happy composure (after some pain relief) but this mommy’s heart is still concerned about the damage.  the busted top lip, no problem.  the teeth, a serious concern.  hopefully all will be well and firmly in place in the morning…

thursday, january 14, 2010:
the day began with a great sigh of relief: sterling’s teeth were still in his mouth, attached to his gums and not bleeding!  from what i remember (ha!) it was what could be classified as a ‘normal’ day.  sterling was happy and enjoyed some independent play while i showered and prepared myself for the day.  we had moments of ‘reconnecting’ but for the most part he was okay to play, point and grunt talk by himself.  of course, i incorporated books, ball and words into his play time but it was nice that he didn’t need me constantly.  the hiccup occurred when he woke up after only 2 hours into his 3 hour nap.  it wasn’t pretty.  the desperation cries began and i had to intervene.  not sure exactly what brought it all on but that’s life and so some things go undone while i care for sterling’s basic and urgent needs for love, comfort & touch. in the afternoon i took him out in the rain (had to get us both out of the house) and we made a quick trip to walmart.  when we returned i tried putting sterling down for a second nap about 3 times before i finally gave up and let him ride the wave of exhaustion until his bed time.  unfortunately since jarod was at work he missed the’ fun sterling’ but instead came home to a very tired and grumpy little boy.  we were quite nervous that he wouldn’t go to sleep once it was his actual bed time.  but true to himself (and his bed time) he is!  and so after we went through our bedtime routine (bath, books, song) he went to bed which was soon followed by sleep.

friday, january 15, 2010:
it was great to have jarod home!  he helped out tons around the house and was wonderful at daddy patrol!  the weather was nasty outside so early in the day we began weighing our options for how we could spend/waste the rest of the day.  sterling took a mere 2 hour nap – again which put us in a quandary.  do we take him out or keep him in so that he can eventually make up his 3rd hour of sleep?  ultimately we decided to bite the bullet and brave the chilly, wet, nap deprived world.  but before our adventure began we had to run a few errands… eventually, a mere 10 minutes after our projected launch time we were in the car headed downtown.  our adventure destination: ikea.  that’s right – ikea, the ultimate indoor play place for adults and children alike!  because of the rain and traffic it took us way too long to get there but we were committed to the idea of having some indoor fun so we pressed on (the gas pedal ever so slightly).  arriving was like this “ahhhh” moment as the gigantic purple/blue building loomed over us, beckoning for us to enter and make ourselves cozy.  not even wanting to resist we entered and slowly meandered through nearly every display.  we had a great time checking out the furniture and letting sterling bounce on all the beds.  in the children’s area sterling really got into going down the slide.  after an hour or so we made our way to the “ummmm” moment when we entered the dining area.  jarod and i both opted for the famous swedish meatball plate.  good thing too ’cause sterling really, really liked them as well!  maybe next time we’ll get him his own plate!  dustin made a special guest appearance at dinner and we had  few moments to catch up before he had to head out to meet up his next set of friends.  we stuck around a little longer so sterling could play some more.  we made it home just in tim or a quick bath and bed.  it was an excellent day out!

* sterling is officially eating table food! i’d read that children will show interest in what their parents are eating and that’s the cue that they’re ready for table food. well, up till now, he’s had no interest in what’s on our plates or his tray… but in the last week things have changed! he’s enjoyed bar-b-q, meatballs, chicken, broccoli and a variety of other foods via our plates!
* shoes! at 16 months sterling’s feet fit comfortably in the 6-9 months shoes i bought him prior to our trip to meet him. but that’s not the big news… the big news is he loves, loves, loves his shoes! when he wakes up in the morning he wants his shoes put on… and if i take them off for his nap, that makes him a very unhappy, shoeless boy! his latest shoe craze is kinda ironic since we take our shoes off at the front door… and now he’s wearing his to bed!
* slides are now a hit! playing on them became a popular pastime at ikea, but the trick is not so much in the place, but in the position. yep, we lay sterling down on his back before giving him the shove down the pipe.  fun!


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