jarod’s american birthday…

the morning was crazy busy as i carried sterling all to what felt like a million places trying to pull jarod’s birthday together.  yep, after all these years of dreaming how i would do things “right” when we were in the states for special occasions i still found myself in a frenzy!  i guess it just comes with inexperience!

but i did at least one thing right.  at the end of our morning errands i did something i don’t remember ever doing!  i drove through a whataburger drive thru!  that’s right… jarod’s special birthday lunch consisted of a whataburger and large vanilla shake.  he was happy with his fast food meal and i was happy with left overs!  and with both of our tummy’s satisfied i considered my first “gift” a success!

apparently while i was slaving away in the kitchen jarod and sterling bonded outside!  and of course, “dog!” was in attendance too!  unfortunately a quick endeavor outside is daddy’s last act of desperation as apparently sterling didn’t get the memo that it was daddy’s special day!  but still, he is a cutie… and certainly daddy’s most favorite everyday gift!

with the craziness of dinner with our lil’ sprout we forgot to take a picture of jarod’s birthday dinner choice: chopped bbq sandwich.  it was yummy and sterling has suddenly become a huge fan of meat!  too bad too ’cause we don’t necessarily like sharing!  but we do ’cause we love him more than food!

here’s our family picture.  sterling and i are appropriately sporting “i love daddy” t-shirts!

for his birthday jarod’s parents bought him a guitar.  we was beyond thrilled!  i bought him a lame case and gift card.  but he seemed content just the same.  just another glitch in my plans to do things “right” during our time in the states!

3 generations of guitarists admiring the newest addition.

we have decided that we love cupcakes… based on the yummy functionality of it being like getting a corner of the cake every time!  so with our new found love for the round versions of mini cakes i bought a mini cupcake stand.  but we all know that birthday dessert needs to be dressed up a little so i adorned the king cupcake with a mini guitar and thematic paper found in the scrapbooking section of my local hobby shop.  i think it both turned out fun and delicious!

jarod enjoyed his mini guitar for a few moments before…

giving it to sterling… who’s excitement and joy matched, if not beat out, jarod’s at receiving a “real” guitar!  (though this picture isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, i love the utter joy on sterling’s precious face!)

everywhere sterling went, the guitar went.  and as you can see, sterling is on the go, go, go!

playing guitar is serious and tiring business!  sweet boy… even when the handle got all bent up (it is made from paper afterall!) he would unwrinkle it the best he could and keep going!  throughout the night that guitar was never out of his hands!

jarod’s parental units.  the giver of guitars… and lots of support, love & encouragement.

jarod’s dad doing one of the things he does best – play guitar… which totally thrills sterling, as you can clearly see!

so looking forward to where sterling’s passion for guitar and music is going to take him!  for now though, he’s content to be at the feet of those who have played guitar before him!

oh what joy filled my heart to be able to share this special “1st birthday as a daddy” with jarod here in the states.  this particular birthday has been dreamed of for years and though it wasn’t perfect… and though sterling certainly stole the spotlight (are we really surprised?!?) it was a sweet day to celebrate jarod and our LORD’s faithfulness.


5 thoughts on “jarod’s american birthday…

  1. Happy birthday Jarod!! Jen, looks like you did a fabulous job making it special. And now with that guitar you will most certainly remain a young rockin’ couple, both on the west and east sides!

  2. It was great for us to finally get to celebrate Jarod’s birthday in person!!! We want you two to try again for the perfect date night!! We love you all 3 sooo much!!!

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