sippy cup success!

at 16 months old on january 26, 2010… our 100 days together celebration-versary sterling decided to graduate to a sippy cup!

he wasn’t always this happy about the sippy cup idea.

first we had to transition from a bottle nipple that was cut for optimal flowing (not sucking) to a normal nipple that required him to learn both the sucking motion required for drinking from a bottle/sippy cup and patience.

suffice to say he wasn’t a fan of the newest drinking method.

then we graduated on to a nuby sippy cup with soft spout – which allowed him the same “feel” of his previously adjusted to bottle nipples.  but still he resisted.  at times he would come completely unwound at the mere image of the newest drinking apparatus and once he got his hands on it, it was more often on the floor than his tray.

eventually, however, sterling decided he would succumb to the sippy cup method and there you have it, on this special day of january 26th we experienced sippy cup success!

since this sippy cup success day sterling has even drank from hard spouts on avent sippy cups… though we’re not pushing it since still the most important aspect of drinking from a sippy cup is liquid intake, not particular spout preference.

oh yes!  lest i forget… sippy cup success has also allowed us to be more adventurous with our drinking options… it’s not just milk, but juice too, that’s for dinner these days!

yeah to sippy cup success!


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