on the evening of january 28, 2010 all of sterling’s adventurous go, go, going caught up with him.  we was toddling around uncle jason & aunt niki’s house showing off for cousin josie when somehow his face landed on the window ledge.  as you can see, it left quite an impression.

at first my biggest concern was making sure his teeth were still in his mouth, but very soon it became bulg-ingly apparent that his teeth were fine, but the bridge of his nose took the brunt of the encounter.  i was in horror as i watched that bump protrude out the front of his otherwise perfect face at rapid speed.  when it first occurred and he cried i thought his response was mostly due to being tired, but as the imprint of his window ledge encounter revealed itself i was convinced that he didn’t cry nearly enough!  12 hours later you can still clearly see the blue bruise, but the bump from the bonk has subsided a bit.

either way a bonk isn’t going to slow our lil’ sprout down… even minutes after the incident and the following day he was busy accomplishing his sterling daily duties such as walking all over the place & reading with his daddy while wielding one of his favorite tools, a pen!

go sterling!  way to not let a bonk keep you down!

4 days later, bump is gone but bruise is going through various color stages.  bless his little heart and sweet face!


2 thoughts on “bonk!

  1. Your little Sterling is all boy!! Sounds just like Nathan…getting bruises and bonks don’t seem to affect him all that much!! Sterling is such a cutie! Can’t wait to meet him!

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