wir: jarod’s birthday, 100 day celebration-versary, & bonk!

monday, january 25, 2010:
jarod’s 34th birthday.  sterling obviously didn’t get the memo that it was daddy’s birthday as he was exhibiting signs of the travel grump.  daddy was home but busy, so we tried hard to stay out of his hair.  by late afternoon we were able to enjoy some family time before heading to a local bbq restaurant per daddy’s request.  nai nai and ye ye met us there for jarod’s celebratory birthday dinner.  there we had our bbq staple: chopped beef sandwich (which sterling also thoroughly enjoys).  afterwards we returned home where daddy was surprised to receive a nice guitar for his birthday.  onceagain his parents went way above the call of duty!  then we all ate cupcakes… all that is, except for sterling.  it was a great night of celebrating who jarod is.

tuesday, january 26, 2010:
our first 100 days together as a family!  for the most part sterling had a wonderful day!  i’m sure he got the memo that it was a special day for all of us and he wanted to simply make it a good kind of memorable day.  in the afternoon daddy was home and we got to have some sweet family time before heading out to have commemorative pictures taken at a local photo place.  not impressed with the photography style or business concepts but as to be expected, loved all those sweet pictures of our lil’ sprout.  it was an added bonus that we got to be in some of the pictures with him.  we then had dinner at taco cabana where sterling fell in love with beans. we then drove quickly to jarod’s parents where we left sterling in their care for a few hours during our bible study we host at our home.  we returned to collect sterling all too late (according to this mommy’s heart) and before we knew our day quickly came to a close!

wednesday, january 27, 2010:
daddy worked all day which naturally means we missed him like crazy!  because our always thoughtful friends, the hatfields, invited us to a special dinner out in honor of jarod’s birthday i met him at the office…  after daddy wrapped up some last minute work stuff we headed out to… can you guess?  the hatfields had given jarod 3 choices, but ultimately he chose to go to pappasitos (an all time favorite birthday place for us)!  afterwards we went back to their house where the guys talked and the girls worked hard to entertain sterling while preventing him from falling down or going up the stairs!  our visit was short but it was nice to hang out in their home since parenthood rarely allows us such luxuries.

thursday, january 28, 2010:
2 days in a row of working daddy… which made for a very tired mommy!  on this day however, we did things a little differently.  recognizing sterling’s tantrums & clingyness (for lack of better, more positive words) has increased in the past couple of weeks we are reinstating the use of th snugli.  even during the morning time (when he’s most tired and unhappy) there was a noticeable change in attitude and behavior.  at one point i tried to face him out while still in the snugli but that was unsuccessful.  apparently what our lil’ sprout needs right now is cuddle time… so even when i’m doing house work or putting on my make up we cuddle with the help of the snugli.  in the afternoon we once again put it to use and  immediately there was a change in his demeanor.  not to say that the snugli is the cure-all, but it’s such a sweet relief to discover how to best help sterling.  in the evening jarod’s parents picked us up as we all had a dinner date with jarod’s brother & sister-in-law.  we had a very yummy dinner of chicken parmesan (sterling was just as ga-ga over it as we were!)   towards the end of our time together sterling was making his way to the window to see the dogs when we fell forward, bonking the bridge of his nose on he window ledge.  before long a bump was protruding out of his head.  i was so sad for him but so grateful at the same time as i realized that beyond some discomfort and discoloration our lil’ sproutwas just fine.  (read:  all was good, his teeth were still firmly in place in his mouth!)  after some very fun ball pit fun (which worked like an instant pain reliever) we found our way home… just in time to tuck sterling in bed at his regular sleep time.

friday, january 29, 2010:
finally a day that we could catch up as a family!  we love being on the go but it is always a welcomed gift when we get to simply do life – the 3 of us!  the morning started off pretty rough… mostly because the two adults in the house were constantly misunderstanding each other.  thankfully sterling didn’t even bat an eye at our less than chipper tones!  in the afternoon (after we got on the same page & clarified our misunderstandings) we ran some errands around town.  thanks to jarod’s assistance i was able to accomplish many tasks on my to do list.  then we headed towards his parents so they could babysit sterling because we had made plans for a special birthday/date night.  quick recap is to admit that every a single one of our plans fell through.  originally we were thinking of a family get together at fuddruckers… but we soon realized that wouldn’t be a possibly at this time.  so we began working on plans 2, 3, 4 & 5.  i gave jarod options.  he tried to think of creative options but in th end (the short version) is we ended up going to buffalo wild wings (a place i wold never chose to go to on my own & especially not with sterling) and after debating whch movie he’d like to see, we arrived in time to discover none of the showtimes fit within our schedule.  so we opted fr the ext best thing  a dvd.  unfortunately jarod chose a dvd that was not the movie “2012” but a documentary about various prophecies surrounding 2012.  so we quickly ejected the dvd and instead watched a 1 hour episode of the office… oh yes, with a special cp of starbucks i our hands!  and just like that, a mere 3  hours after we began our adventurous date night we were back to pick him up!  even though it wasn’t all we had hoped it would be, it was nice to simply spend time together without any other distractions.  then just as we were about to walk out the door jarod’s sister and family arrived (from abilene).  we spent a few moments catching up and then headed home – only 2 minutes away by car!

saturday, january 30, 2010:
don’t remember many details from this day… but i do know we made it a point to have a low-key family day.  in the afternoon my mom stopped by for a few minutes.  sterling ended up taking a second nap in the evening which then caused us to postpone our much needed trip to walmart until well… until it was almost his regular bed time!  we eventually did make it to the store and we saved lots of money using just-about-to-expire coupons.  after our shopping excursion we made a mad dash run to jarod’s parents where we dropped off some food we picked up for them.  then we headed home and put sterling to bed a whole hour and a half later than normal!  even with all the naps and the late night shopping it was a good day! 

sunday, january 31, 2010:
true to custom, sunday was certainly one of our busiest days!   it was good to be back at our home church for a change!  but before we headed to service we got to hang out with one of the classes.  with so many people going ga-ga for sterling we were also blessed with a wonderful pot luck breakfast!  it was such an encouragement to see so many of the people who have encouraged us through prayer over the years!  during service jarod stayed with sterling in the nursery and i had the privilege of being with the masses for worship.  it was such a sweet time for me.  i also got to sit with our nephews (jarod’s sister’s children) during service.  after service we hightailed it home for some much needed nap time.  we also partook of this special gift!  then in the evening we had a group of people at our home and jarod facilitated a study on righteousness.  however, during the entire time sterling was busy stealing the show!  he talked/screamed incessantly and when he wasn’t walking all over the place or hanging on someone he was busy throwing all his toys across the room!  seriously, i kept thinking, “who are you!?!”  even so, it’s no wonder he steals the show… he’s much cuter than any of us!  it was a busy day for sure… but it was also a good day.


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