4 months of togetherness…

on february 18, 2010 we celebrated 4 months of togetherness.  that equals 4 wonderful months as a family of 3.  4 months of learning, growing, adjusting & happiness.  here’s a few highlights from the day…

lao lao was visiting our home bright and early.  she spent the better part of the morning with sterling as mommy had to go to a doctor’s appointment.  no doubt they had more fun than mommy ’cause they got to read books, go for a walk, enjoy nature and play at the park.

after sterling’s nap we went back to the park for a little 4 month photo shoot.  love, love, love that this park is right around the corner from our home!

 dirt movers, like the one pictured below, grabbed and held sterling’s attention during our brief visit.  yep, our lil’ sprout is all boy- he loves balls, trucks and all things that move!

watching the dirt movers on the other side of the fence…

sterling has yet to grasp the concept that when i tell him “come here” it doesn’t at all imply that i’m ready to play chase. 

in the evening daddy helped me set up the tripod & remote for the camera and we took some impromptu family shots.  here’s a test sample.  happy mommy, happy baby.  satisfactory results.

family pictures.  sterling’s thoughts:  “what!?!  it’s been 4 months already!  that went crazy fast!”  our thoughts:  “it’s only been 4 months?  it seems like he’s been a part of our family forever!”

we took several pictures with various results.  here’s a view of everyday life… daddy & sterling bonding over a tall glass of orange juice.  good stuff.

apart from a too short nap & a too short visit with uncle david (due to the too short nap) these pictures virtually sum up our 4 months together day.


4 thoughts on “4 months of togetherness…

  1. I love nakey baby shots. Congrats on 4 months! It’s true, when you become parents you can’t imagine what life was like before. And Jennifer, I’m LOVING your hair! Super cute haircut!!

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