pre-baby weight…

okay… so we usually like to mix things up so it only makes sense that my pre-baby weight was heavier than my meeting sterling for the first time weight.

last year when we returned to the states i suddenly found myself without a real appetite for american food.  at the time i thought it a bummer as i had in fact been looking forward to american cuisine for over 4 years!  and yet i found myself in a land where nothing tasted good.  it was strange.  still not sure if the recipes my old favorite restaurants were using were at all altered in the past 4 years or if in fact my taste buds had adjusted to the east side cuisine to the point of not preferring food on the west side.  either way, i found myself loosing a little bit of weight between the no appetite phase and the aerobics class i joined.

then we went back to the east side to receive sterling.  it was then that i lost a lot of weight.  for one, once sterling entered my life i found myself tending to him… and not to myself.  i found myself taking a few bites of my food before i was ushered away from the table with his cries.  and since high chairs weren’t available in the restaurants we frequented i was constantly on entertainment duty.  this coupled with the fact that we walked e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. – and me carrying sterling in the snugli the entire time – i lost more weight than i thought possible in such a short amount of time.

i returned home to many concerned people… but the truth is i felt great.  granted a bit thinner than i ever wanted to be, but i felt healthy and was very, very happy.

when the holidays hit i was surprised that my appetite didn’t kick up a notch as everywhere around us was yummy treats. 

but then… about 6 months into our time in the states it dawned on me that we only have so much time remaining here in the states… and i need to partake of all those meals/desserts/treats that i looked forward to for so many years.  and just like that my appetite reared its ugly head and i was eating everything in sight.

i now find myself at my pre-baby weight… and am working somewhat diligently to curb my appetite and reinstate a bit of self-discipline into my eating habits & excercise routine.

here’s to enjoying food in a self-disciplined kinda way!  afterall, swimsuit season is right around the corner!

oh my!


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