wir: abilene, 5 months together & a 1/2 birthday…

the weekend, march 12-14, 2010:
on friday we spent most of the day making our way across texas to abilene.  we arrived in the evening and was able to have dinner with jarod’s sister and her family.  on saturday we headed out to jarod’s grandparent’s house – where all the men in the family gathered to construct a shed for them.  sterling and myself missed out on much of the festivities as sterling’s nap time insisted that we return to the hotel.  after our nap (yes i joined in) we returned and with the whole family in attendance we wished jarod’s grandpa an early 90th birthday!  then, later than any of us could have expected we all made our way into town for a family dinner of tex mex…  which turned out to be a wonderful way to top off our whirlwind trip!  the next morning sterling, our ever faithful alarm clock, woke at his usual time… and though it was spring ahead we took our sweet time as we had no spring in our step… which contributed to our later departure from abilene for h-town.  on sunday we  v e r y  s l o w l y  made our way back home and thanks to the demand of such a trip we all slept well!

monday, march 15, 2010:
at the park sterling showed off by going up the stairs and down the slide all on his own.  most times he went feet first but there was a time or two that the tummy slide was in order!  this was also the first day sterling was able to to answer the question:  “what does mommy say?”  to which he replied:  “wawuvwu!”  translation:  “i love you!”  ahhhh… how sweet!  love our little boy!

tuesday, march 16, 2010:
sterling and i stayed out of the house as much as possible so daddy could get some uninterrupted work time.  we played at nai nai’s and went to many stores.  we missed daddy on his “day off” – but since daddy was productive we were happy to oblige!  in the evening sterling hung out with nai nai & ye ye as we went to have dinner & study with some dear friends.

wednesday, march 17, 2010:
finally after all these months in the states jennifer’s parents fried up some fish and we had a wonderful time at dinner.  even jarod ate some of the fish! 

thursday, march 18, 2010:
though daddy was a work all day & returned late, this day held much significance for us… as it marked the 5 month anniversary of becoming a family of 3!  sterling wanted to be held the entire day, which i didn’t mind so much as i this particular day gave me pause once again as i reflected on God’s goodness, his perfect timing, his amazing gift of sterling.  i shed a tear or two as i once again came to the conclusion that i don’t deserve such amazing gifts.  on this special day sterling also began babbling a lot! with his constant ramblings i couldn’t help but think of “boo” from the movie monster’s inc… and it made me happy. oh yes, i also scrubbed both bathrooms – not nearly as meaningful! meanwhile, sterling spent the afternoon at the park with his lao lao. he returned with quite the tan on his arms! on this day we did something i can’t ever remember doing – we all turned in at 8:30 pm!

friday, march 19, 2010:
it was a good day.  an exceptionally good morning.  getting out of aerobics class a bit early allowed me to join jarod and sterling at the park… where i got the chance to play with our lil’ sprout and daddy got to conclude his workout.  the weather was awesome – cool but not cold.  a bit windy but refreshing.  it was one of those unique mornings where the world seemed just right.  when we left the park jarod and i went our separate ways – sterling going home with daddy, and me going to run some errands.  i decided to do a little clothes shopping which turned out quite unfruitful and made an appearance at the doctor’s office to retrieve some test results.  when i returned, daddy was all a fluster as sterling wanted to be held the entire time WHILE jarod was mowing the yard!  not such an easy feat!  and daddy was worn out!  soon enough it was nap time… which allowed daddy to get a lot of work done.  when sterling woke we went out of the house for a while, allowing daddy some much needed space.  in the evening jarod and i went to see a play – which was absolutely worth the overpriced ticket seeing.  this was my first time to not put sterling to bed myself…which to this mommy’s heart was a big deal.  but still, i enjoyed being with my man.  and it was worth the sacrifice so that we could have such a lovely date!

saturday, march 20, 2010:
sterling turned 18 months old on this very special day.  and for this very special occasion we had a family only “half” birthday party.  he is afterall 1 and a half years old.  and since we all missed his first birthday (because he was in china and we were here waiting to be united with him) and because family will miss his second birthday as we expect to return to the east side prior to his birthday, we celebrated sterling at 1.5 years of age!  it turned out to be an overly hectic day.  no fault to my dearest hubby of course.  it was all me.  i spent the entire morning frantically looking for the perfect gift for my great niece… which i found after way too much shopping with an 18 month old and after going into a store (that has a backwards “R” in it’s logo) that i vowed to boycott – because of their horrific return policy.  after declaring that i would no longer subject sterling to another head bump as i put him in or out of the carseat i finally had to succumb to my desperation and bought the gift.  then along with an all-too-irritated-at-the shopping-experience toddler i headed to a party store where i bought sterling a mylar balloon for his dragging-through-the-house pleasure.  we eventually made it home.  only sterling had fallen asleep in the car along the way… which then resulted in a 1 hour fit of monumental proportions when it was his actual nap time!  oh my!  not such a good start on such a great day!  when sterling napped my dearest hubby suggested i too get some rest.  only thing is i woke up a complete crank and stressed about all the things i should have done while i was sleeping!  with jarod’s patience and persistence every single one of my must do tasks was accomplished – just in time for company to arrive.  we then had a waaaayyy laid back little party.  i was so not on task.  i had to be prompted with the gift opening.  and prompted with the cupcake eating.  i hate to admit it but with sterling’s shortened nap time causing “the grump” to make an appearance, i was so thankful for the extra promptings and laid back atmosphere such a small party allowed!  after all the festivities were over and it was just the 3 of us something bazaar happened.  sterling lost “the grump” and once again transformed into our sweet & loving lil’ sprout.  so with an hour remaining before bath time we took our now content toddler to the coffee shop where he got a mild dose of folk music before heading home and calling it a 18 month birthday night.


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