sterling’s 1st egg hunt…

on saturday, march 27th our city’s community center hosted an easter egg hunt.

thinking this kind of opportunity is rarely available on the east side (for one, there’s a real possibility that snow might still be on the ground) was good enough excuse to participate in this odd little easter tradition.

yes, i’m aware of some of the parallels with our odd little easter traditions and the actual first easter… but still, easter egg hunting in itself isn’t a spiritual endeavor.  even so, who can resist the possibility of so much fun?

on this particular day daddy, nai nai & ye ye were tied up with a service project and lao lao was busy with family stuff so mommy took sterling  “hunting” by herself.  what you will soon witness is what mommy was able to capture while “shooting from the hip*.”

chillin’ in the stroller as we wait for the egg hunt (yes, “hunt” is a very loose term) to begin!

 the crowd and competition was intense.  seriously parents this isn’t about you!

 first egg… in!

the gathering of the eggs.

sterling was a picky egg picker.

captured another one!

a basket full of plastic fun!

inspecting the loot…

now this is where our adventure turned a little sad.  inside each egg was a prize.  most eggs contained candy (which we don’t allow sterling to eat).  but some eggs contained tickets which allowed  you to claim a prize.  these prizes, it turned out, were large, fluffy, stuffed bunnies.  it didn’t take long to crack sterling’s 9 or so eggs to discover that he didn’t get an egg with a prize ticket… though MANY of the children did!  of course, many of those same children had 30+ eggs in their baskets.  the sadness i felt was not so much because our son, on his 1st & possibly last egg hunt didn’t get another toy, but that the parent’s were so stinkin’ competitive that they actually robbed other children from the joy of being surprised with such a treat.

even so, sterling was content to walk away with a basket full (relative to empty) of plastic egg shells for which he could play hours with, while mommy walked away with a pocket full of candy that she had no intention of eating, a very happy toddler and the satisfaction of participating in this odd little easter tradition!

*shooting from the hip – is the perfect description of what i do when i’m in a hurry to capture a moment but still need my hands.  i simply place the camera strap around my neck, which allows my camera to sit just above my hip, and aiming blind i begin taking pictures.  there’s no science to my mad method… except to try to capture the moment!


5 thoughts on “sterling’s 1st egg hunt…

  1. How fun…boy does that bring back memories!!! greediness and all…I feel you sister friend…I know that Sterling was just happy to be there with you. Love you much ❤

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