an excellent week…

this week sterling began saying “i love you” to both mommy & daddy without any prompting.

on monday i (jennifer) was at the store with sterling.  so naturally he was eager to be entertained.  so i began a fun game of asking him to “pucker up for mommy.”  by the end of our shopping trip, just as i was fastening sterling in his car seat he puckered up AND gave me my first sterling smooch!  i love being loved by my lil’ sprout!

that night as i was going about our regular bedtime routine (bath, prayer, reading books & singing to him) i suddenly became all too aware that these days are numbered.  i won’t forever be able to hold him comfortably in my arms, wrapped around my hips as i sing softly the song the LORD placed on my heart the day after sterling became a part of our family.  these special days won’t last forever… and there’s nothing i can do to slow the inevitable.  even so, as i reflect on these days, this week i can truly say that it has been nothing short of excellent!


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