CHRISTmas & Easter family pictures…

CHRISTmas 2009
yes, we’re sharing our family CHRISTmas picture a bit late this year… but i now live by the motto “better late than never!” so here you are… a glimpse into what was by far our wildest and most memorable CHRISTmas to date!
you may notice that most of the children and at least one adult are looking towards the floor – where the ball popper did an amazing job of capturing & keeping their attention!

Easter 2010
this was taken in the evening as we relaxed in the grass… and after sterling’s 2nd (and not so successful) attempt at egg hunting.
needless to say, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed celebrating resurrection day on the west side… with our lil’ sprout!

and because it’s never to late (or early)…
happy CHRIST day and Resurrection day to you!!!


2 thoughts on “CHRISTmas & Easter family pictures…

  1. Great family pictures! It’s hard to get that many people looking at the camera at once but you guys did it well.

  2. Great pictures. I love the one with the three of you. Of course Sterling is the shining light! He is just so fantastic.

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