word explosion!

in the past week or so sterling’s vocabulary has exploded!  every day we’re hearing new words… and lots of them.  here’s a list of the new words that i can remember off the top of my head:
Jonas (cousin)
Ian (cousin)
bubbles! (his first multi-syllable word consisting of various syllables!)
boat (associated with our lake vacation where he often said, “bye bye boat”)
xiao xin (be careful. which is his answer to the question, “when we are near the water, what do we do?”)
go go go
go ish (gold fish)
more (said with a strong british accent… so funny!)
bible (which is as new to his vocabulary as yesterday… 5.28)
book (which is a totally new word for him as of today… 5.29)

as you may have deduced, most of sterling’s new words begin with the “b” sound. truth of the matter is, it’s been only a few short weeks since sterling mastered the word “ball” – previously known as “ma” – which obviously allowed for an entire new world of “b” words to open up to him.

even with all of his “b” words he’s still an A in our hearts!

(the above picture captures sterling carrying the basketball from one end of the yard to the other where he deposits it against the fence, raising his hands and yells out, “yes!”)


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