thanks to jarod’s generous parents we recently enjoyed a fun & relaxing family-reunion-cation!  that’s right… a family vacation which also functioned as a family reunion of sorts.

though we see jarod’s parents on a regular basis and his brother & family regularly, we rarely get to hang out with his sister and her family.  so taking the rare opportunity of having all 3 of their children in the same state, they booked a lake house for all of us to live in for one week.  here’s some pictures from our time together…

our time together began with jarod’s brother’s graduation ceremony.  yep, he’s a doctor!  congratulations dr. davis!

here’s a picture of our growing family just as jarod and i were about to step out for a night on the town in celebration of our 11th anniversary!

the view overlooking the lake where we enjoyed a relaxing meal and the sweetness of reminiscing over our lives together.

during our time together we celebrated 1 graduation, 3 birthdays & 1 anniversary.  but most importantly, we had lots of fun together and enjoyed the beauty of nature.  and thankfully, it was also a restful time.  so grateful for our family!

 towards the end of our time together we took a few family pictures – which truly required nothing short of a miracle to execute!  here we are – the whole davis/mcfadden clan – 8 adults, 5 children & 2 pregnancies!

jarod’s parents with their 5 grandchildren.  l-r:  lance, 9 months.  josie, 15 months.  sterling, 20 months.  jonas, 4 years.  ian, 2 years.

all the boys… 

and all the girls (+ 2 babies in bellies, gender yet to be revealed).

and lastly, a snapshot of us, as a family of 3.


6 thoughts on “family-reunion-cation…

  1. so, when you say “gender yet to be revealed” does that mean you aren’t going to tell us until the baby is born or you just aren’t telling us yet?? 🙂 i don’t know if i can handle the suspense!! 🙂 love you guys!

  2. sorry for the confusion! at this point we don’t know the gender, but we’re hoping to know around the first of july. we’ll let you know shortly thereafter. 🙂

  3. Boy do these pictures make my heart smile! I’m sure Jarod’s parents are so happy to have their brood growing. I didn’t know there was another baby on the way besides little sprout! How fun! Thanks for posting these! Jennifer, happy birthday month!

  4. Ohhh I didn’t know you and Jason McFadden were somehow related! I was looking through the pictures and had to back-track as I spotted a familiar guy. I was like…no way, that can’t be Jason. Sure was! Say hello for me 🙂

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