a promise, being fulfilled…

a long time ago, before we moved to the east side (well over 5 years now) jarod make me a promise.

he promised that when we returned to the states we would take a vacation to… COLORADO.

as we journeyed through our east side adventures i often remembered his promise to me.

you see, every time we took a reprieve from life on the east side we either went to a big city (to score us some dr. pepper & texmex) or spent our days doing absolutely nothing on the beach.

both were good ways to recharge, renew & refocus.

but still, there were numerous times that i longed for the beauty of the mountains towering over me, the crisp air of heightened elevations and wild nature.

the truth of the matter is, jarod is a beach boy and i am a mountain girl.

needless to say, with the addition of sterling and the anticipation of baby sprout i seriously thought there was no way to fulfill this promise.  not that jarod had failed, but i didn’t see a way.

but he did.  he said we HAD to make it happen.  because well, he made me a promise.

what a wonderful, promise keeping husband i have!

and i look forward to sharing this, our most recent west side adventure with you soon!!!

~posted by one ecstatic girl!


5 thoughts on “a promise, being fulfilled…

  1. FUN!
    Tommy and I are the same; he likes the beach and I like the mountains! For the first time, ever (for me), we went to Colorado in April! I loved it.
    Have fun!!!!!

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