colorado, day 1…

june 10, 2010.  the day began with a trek to the airport.  we had one large suitcase & 2 carry ons – which to us seemed a bit excessive for a one week trip since historically we’ve traveled with only 2 carry ons for month-long get aways!  even so, had it not been for the waiting pack n play and high chair we would have easily been outdone by luggage!  so, with our most precious cargo in tow & our living necessities for our family of 3, we boarded our plane destined for the “promised” land – colorado!

may we kindly suggest that when traveling with toddlers, you should do everything humanly possible to secure a grandparent or two?  we were grateful & so very excited that jarod’s parents chose to join us on our grand vacation!  we know that colorado wasn’t the only draw… you see, they’re all about making the most of spending every possible moment with sterling.

when we arrived a cold front was looming on the horizon.  so we chose to simply enjoy the beauty of the nature around us…

and thanks to daddy, a chilly little trek outside on the patio to see the majesty surrounding our comfy little home for the week…

day 1, hour 1… sterling’s noggin’ met the fireplace.  ouch!  now that’s a record worth blogging!

and here, our final resting place for the night (bed not pictured, directly behind chair).  we thought this chair/end table combo was the perfect wake up & do our quiet time place.  and yes, that was our waking view – as there were no shades on the windows.  even so, we loved waking up to the beauty of the sunrise washing the trees aglow!

stay tuned as we’ll be posting more about our colorado adventures soon…


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