colorado, day 2…

june 11, 2010. the day began with a startling email – in short, we were advised to seek further medical testing for sterling. the truth is, i cried off and on the entire day. even so, Dad was good to me and gave me many great memories… and lots of reminders of his goodness. after all, it was 3 years ago on this very day that we applied for adoption… and after all these years, i was finally holding my baby boy – on my birthday! what amazing gifts he has lavished on me!!!

even though a cold front was looming on the horizon, we opted to risk a trek around a lake at rocky mountain national park. our little adventure turned out being a race against the oncoming rains. even so, we enjoyed the beauty of nature around us…

what we failed to capture on camera was the last little ducky that staying way behind as mommy duck and the brothers and sisters ventured out across the lake quickly realized he better put his flappers in gear and get a move on. i kid you not, that baby duck was skimming the top of the water… and in no time caught up with his ducky family! this is our astonished response to his water walking ability…

even with the threats of rain and thunder, the lake was so serene…

we were sad to learn that a fungus was killing off many of the pine trees in the area… hence the “fall look” on the evergreens…

my two favorite gifts…

there’s no way around it, sterling loves his daddy… and i love how they both love me!

on our way back to the “cabin” we stopped for a few hundred pictures of elk. little did we know that they are a very common site all around the park and in town!

this beautiful bird was not so common. so glad jarod was able to capture it on film!

estes park. my dream destination. jarod’s promise fulfilled. pure bliss.

another beautiful piece of artwork by our Creator…

many of the elk were still shedding their winter coat. on this day and the week to follow i’m sure they were grateful they held onto it well into june!

on this, my 33rd birthday, i was most grateful for my family and the constant reminders of Dad’s goodness & provision.



4 thoughts on “colorado, day 2…

  1. we’re remembering you guys! anytime something effects our children…it’s painful….
    prying you guys get answers…..

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